Trump Obviously Intends to Run in 2024, Suggests Augmenting Presidential Firing Powers

I agree with the premise on a constitutional basis:

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  1. Being a Trump fan, the thing that concerns me is, the swamp is evil they have left the American citizens behind , they will never let him run, we know the Clintons have away to make their enemies disappear

  2. if that Ultra Evil "person" Won in 16' …Half the world would have been Raped Clean,
     then flattened.
     long before the 20' fiasco was even dreampt up.
    Voting Does No One any good as long as the Wickedness of the following are involved::
     The / WEF, /FED, /UN, /CIA, /FBI, /Big Farm-ah, /Big Tech, etc….
    are Really Behind the Scene!

  3. Trump will never make it. If he looks remotely electable, he'll face multiple charges of rape, sexual assault, tax evasion, accounting fraud, you name it, they'll be lining up to charge him. Then there will be charges of collusion with Russia / China / N.Korea etc and charges of various misdemeanors when he was in office. Finally, despite his popularity, the Republican party will probably not select him. If all that were to fail, the Deep State will fall back on the JFK option.

  4. Styx, LUCKY YOU! You and the Dutch people get to pay for Harry's security when he pops over to the Netherlands with his Netflix camera crew at the end of the month. He'll be demonstrating his use of private jets to save the climate and probably trying to indoctrinate all of you in his woke ways. LMAO!

  5. BUT WHY CAN'T HE!? An actual LAW, and it established the Senior Executive Service, and YOU, yes YOU can apply to it! The Senior Executive Service is VERY WORTHY of research, it is under the Department of the Army, btw….yes, it will explain Fauci, and many of the Russiagate LAWYERS, who were paid a LOT of money.

  6. Even if Trump does run and gets elected, we're still gonna plummet straight into an Economic collapse and loss of the dollar as world reserve currency. China, Russia, and India are already trying to decouple. There's gonna come a point where the Great Depression is gonna look like easy street in hindsight for a lot of Americans, potentially everybody. Food's gonna be at least as scarce as fuel, and even if it's available, many won't be able to afford it. We're pretty much facing a fall of Rome scenario. If Trump is able to get in, he's gonna have to either shepherd us through that are come in to try to rebuild something worthwhile from the ashes. The bill for our reckless spending is gonna come due, and we're gonna face the dire unprecedented consequences of that and the gutting of much of our economy. That's a fact that won't change regardless of who's in the Oval Office.

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