Trump On Track To Win, 3 Months Out And Hes Begun Turning It All Around

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  1. I think the democrats in government and the anti Trump media actually want Trump to win. That way they can continue to campaign on the “orange man bad” platform for the next 4 years while continuing to be totally ineffective. Trump is all the media talks about, without him they are done. Democrats have no plans or platform, their own party is splitting. Right now they are just anti Trump and that is their whole platform, whatever Trump does we do the opposite.

  2. I take Gallup's polls and they are skewed. Example. Their question about the economy had 3 answer choices that were negative with only 1 positive. They had multiple questions asking if I am depressed. They stack the questions and answers against Trump to skew their fake polls.

  3. According to the Guardian newspaper in the UK Trump has already lost.
    But then they publish their wish list not facts. Typical left wing rag.

  4. I wouldn’t be so sure. There are a LOT of libtard idiots out there. Huge, huge numbers of these garbage-bag people. Plus, Texas. There are more latinos there than whites now. And if Texas goes blue, that’s it. The US will be a one-party government.

  5. The number of ridiculous excuses to dismiss the polls that don’t look good for Trump is pretty sad. Why do so many people have such a difficult time with reality?

  6. People saying "hurr durr they lied about polls last election" aren't seeing the bigger picture. There's an amount of people who lack the computing power (straight up low IQ) to actually process information properly.

  7. Trump is favored to win based on the fact that he’s the only one trying to save us from these communist assholes that are trying to overthrow our political system as long as he continues to do that I see no reason why he shouldn’t claim victory in November

  8. I sure hope you are right, but we must not get cocky. I remember in the Obama-Romney election everyone was saying that the polls were wrong and Obama still won.

  9. And I've said it before, I don't need to speak out on who I'm voting for. I'll let my vote do the talking. But if anyone asks, I have no problem telling you. And it might make you mad.

  10. Covid the natural disaster so not his fault. Communists are doing the riots so again not his fault and the recession was caused by the riots and covid. So you know who's got two thumbs and is voting for Trump. Did the Democrats really think they could unleash their terrorist communist goon squads blame it on the man and that would really work. Biden wins all of the feds and the cops and the military are going to come out and say hey so we're like 95% Christian conservatives and we have all of the guns.

  11. You know the Dems are going to try to blame everything going wrong with the country on Trump's presidency. They would be like, "look what happened while Trump was president, you don't want more of that do you?" Yes, yes I think I would like a 3% unemployment rate, the lowest it's ever been in history, and a booming economy with lower taxes that puts money back in my pocket and helps businesses thrive and create new jobs for people. I think I would like my borders to be secure to stop illegal border crossings and sex traffickers and keeping crime down by enforcing the law.. oh wait, you meant the uncontrolled riots and looting and death that was caused by "mostly peaceful protests", tearing down our historic statues, small business being crushed by vandalism and economic hardship from lock down, people getting fired from their jobs and getting banned from social media sites just for voicing a different opinion that could be true? Taking people's kids away because your son/daughter might be trans because they show anxiety about their sex and going through puberty and giving minors as young as 6 or 7 sex hormones without parents consent that could adversely affect them the rest of their lives?.. yeah that was you guys Democrats..

  12. I just spent 7 minutes (played the video at 1.5 times speed) listening to a journalist commentator say we all know nothing, and somehow I was left with the impression that he's about the only person who said anything meaningful. What is wrong with our media?

  13. I still say Trump vs Biden should be a UFC pay per view match, take Biden up on his threat of taking Trump out back because he is a potty mouth. I liked Trump’s odds then a few years ago and today Biden isn’t there most of the time.
    Maybe if politicians had to put their asses on the line, maybe we would be in a better place.

  14. Good. Trump should win. I can’t believe anyone with a brain would vote for Biden. Biden doesn’t even know where he is half the time.