Trump or Desantis? 2024 Election Musings

I’d vote for either of them but I prefer Trump who has been tested and holds technical incumbency.

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  1. I too would prefer Trump, however that's not a dig against Ron DeSantis, both are good in my opinion. Donald Trump has a proven track record as President, let him finish what he started.

  2. Pompeo would be great & he's preparing to run. 100% aligned with Trump policies. High likeability tho that's not most important for me. I'd like to see DeSantis as VP for a term, then president. Trump as speaker would be interesting! Any of these 3 as president would put America back on track.

  3. I prefer both. I think it should be Trump President and Ron Vice President. In between Trumps term in office, Trump retires and Ron Desantis becomes the President.

  4. Desantis has said some crazy things in the past, like recriminalizing weed because he doesn't like how it smells, that all motorcyclists are dirty smelly bums, and wanting the government to pay 25% of all cops, and firefighters mortgages. I'm not sure if he's electable.

  5. Agreed with every word here.. and Dave Rubin is trying his hardest to create the dangerous friction spoken of in this video.
    What's his name already said he wouldn't run if our guy decides to take what's his.

  6. DeSantis supports red flag laws and was key to implementing them in his state, where 6,000+ unconstitutional confiscations have occurred so far. No matter how much I agree with the rest of his policies and positions, unconstitutional precrime confiscation is absolutely 100% unacceptable and is a hard-pass for me. He could be the most glowingly-pro-American candidate in the history of this country but the moment he blatantly shits on the constitution and starts denying people their constitutional rights before they've even committed a crime, therefore violating the 2nd, the 4th, the 6th and the 14th amendments with one stroke of the pen, I have to say no. No, no, hell no.

  7. Party/movement civil wars only happen when you have two bad candidates with a lot of political incentive to one-up each other. With DeSantis and Trump we have two good candidates who can only lose from a civil war.

    DeSantis is a young buck, he's got a long political career ahead of him. Trump is an old man who will retire soon enough, certainly within a decade. DeSantis has everything to gain from another Trump term, and everything to lose from fighting him. What would they even debate about? They agree on basically everything!

  8. Also, Styx's Trump '24, Paul '28 & '32, DeSantis '36 & '40 sounds amazing. The only problem would be if things radically change between then and now. Barring WWIII or the birth of true AI or something crazy like that the incrimental reconstitution of the Republic over the next 20 years sounds amazing!

  9. There's plenty of time for DeSantis and he's doing IMMENSELY MORE GOOD demonstrating the POWER OF THE STATES to exercise their 10th Amendment rights and strengthening individual sovereignty, economy, etc. And with the massive influx of new residents, many Democrat, HE NEEDS TO STAY THERE for now.
    He can take the reins in 2028.
    States taking back their power to govern themselves is CRUCIAL for the survival of the united states and freedom. Absolutely PARAMOUNT.

    Let Trump take office and direct his power outward, refix the economy, and show America AGAIN how the Constitution is supposed to work!

  10. Well Trump did suck pretty hard at appointing people who weren't total shitbags. Also his family are commies. Especially that son in law of his Kushner. Fuck Kushner!

    I'm not saying I won't vote for him again, I'm just saying he wasn't as effective as I would have liked.

  11. trump its a household name, DeSantis is only known to people who actually follow politics, i dont think he has the actual energy trump commands, and trump wasnt hated because he was trump, he was hated because he wasnt a democrat. if Desantis ran, hed be given the exact same treatment by the media, im just not sure hed have the balls to stand up to it like trump did

  12. Trump gets Speaker of the house, Biden and Kamala are impeached, Trump becomes the President and then gets elected to President. Therefore serving 10 years as president under the law.

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