Trump Pardons War Criminals Instead of Assange & Snowden.

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  1. President Trump's pardons here reflect a kind of stupidity that requires a galactic scale in order to capture accurately and to fully appreciate the order of magnitude. And this is further proof that Trump was so manifestly unqualified to be president and commander-in-chief. The danger in which this place is our troops who are serving admirably and valiantly, even if they do not agree with the reasons why they are there, is staggering. If people in the countries in which our servicemen and women are stationed do not have confidence that justice will be done here in the United States, then it makes it monumentally more difficult to negotiate and renegotiate as the case may be status of forces agreements in each of these theaters. Moreover, if the people on the ground are convinced that our troops will escape committing such acts without being held accountable, it provides further incentive for them to escalate violence against our troops both on the immediate site and with respect to any bases we have over there as acts of Retribution.

  2. lets be real here…. a pardon would do neither snowden nor julian any good… they would just do them like they did seth rich…
    plus the intelligence apparatus would sooner kill the president than let julian go….

  3. Get back on Tucker to push for this one last time before Biden gets in. There is at least a chance Trump will pardon Assange, none with Biden. Keep pushing!

  4. "I'm going to look at it"
    "I'm going to ask some wet works advisors if we can pardon him, bring him home then have him secretly killed"*

  5. If Trump owed a major FAVOR to Assange and Snowden or if they had contributed a few billion dollars to his campaign he would have pardoned them a while ago.

  6. Hey Graham. You just called a WOMAN, Susan Rice A WAR CRIMINAL. Many years ago I heard an angry feminist arguing with a chauvinistic man and she said to him and I quote "If women ran the world there would be no wars". The man responded by saying "Yeah, all of the countries would nag each other to death". It was one of the funniest lines I ever saw on the 1970s TV sitcom 3's COMPANY.

    I never want to hear a feminist say that if woman ran the world there would be no wars when right in front of us we have a MOTHER WHO IS A WAR CRIMINAL.

  7. Why did Ezra Cohen Watnick do that video claiming Snowden is a traitor? That really shocked me because from what I read, Cohen has been fighting the oligarchs hard. Confusing

  8. Susan Rice is a card-carrying member of the articulated corporate dystopia. Whistleblowers are a national treasure in the land of the free. We now have so-called liberals who have been corrupted or are not capable of seeing the big picture and critical thought, going after truth sayers. The status quo in this country has become a wasteland. Everything needs to be scrutinized with accountability and justice brought back up to speed on the 1% who are cold-blooded sociopaths who fowl even their own nest. The horror.

  9. Jimmy, thank you for the good show. Pardoning Snowden and Assange is one of the best options for President Trump. As was mentioned it will be a positive and lasting effect on the Presidential legacy. History will look back favorably on a pardon. Therefore it will be such a loss and pity if this opportunity is to be passed by.

  10. Maybe someone should just tell Trump that Hillary doesn't want him to pardon Assange or Snowden. His face will go from orange to red and he'll get that crazy look in his eyes again. LOL!

  11. You're off on the 4 guys, there were a lot of prosecutorial issues with the case and witnesses were unreliable. Robert Barnes went over it in a stream with Viva Frei

  12. Jimmy but you say " Trump has done NOTHING" emphasis NOTHING! Be careful Jimmy. You were very very critical of Fauci for lying. When you say Trump did NOTHING , that is a lie! Google " what has Trump accomplished" and be honest in your commentary!

  13. It makes all the sense to do it from a political standpoint. It would a) be his final "fuck you" to the establishment before he leaves office, b) make his approval rating go up among his base and people who are not his base and c) make sure he leaves office on a positive note and cement his legacy as actually standing up for the constitution.