Trump Praises Putin To Own The Libs As War Breaks Out | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the response from former President Trump to the war in Ukraine happening under the Biden administration and how foreign policy divides are sharpening within the GOP

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  1. Were his comments made before or after the invasion into the entirety of Ukraine? Because I had similar thoughts of Putin strategically framing the advancing into Donbass region.

    I dont like Trump, but if he said those statements before the full invasion, I agree with him. If it was after invading the rest of Ukraine, then yeah very distasteful and idiotic to say.

  2. PRO-TIP: when looking for voices you can trust on Ukraine, ignore people who’ve spent the last 10 years fulminating about Putin. Ignore anyone who ever bought into Trump Russia conspiracies. Also ignore people who have been total cheerleaders for Putin.

  3. Why didn’t Putin invade Ukraine during the Trump admin? It was because the US signaled strength & resolve against Russian aggression.

    Putin stopped building his Nord Stream 2 pipeline minutes before Trump signed my sanctions legislation into law.

  4. Funny how for 4 years when Trump was president, all mainstream media was the one praising Putin all while disparaging Trump but when Trump does it back on them now all of a sudden its disgraceful

  5. Difference between trump and biden – balls versus shriveled raisins. Who cares whether nato expands or not, it should be their choice. That said I do not support going to war with Russia over Ukraine, but do support not cow towing to putin's ridiculous demands either

  6. This is one of the dumbest takes y’all have uploaded. Why tf do y’all make it seem like trump is praising Putin? How dumb do you have to be to interpret what he said as praising? Try hiding y’all’s bias a little better

  7. They can’t see Trump through his supporters eyes. Tromp negotiated many peace deals and actually had hard conversations with world leaders. He rationalizes their perspective and gets us through it. That’s a YUGE reason his supporters love him. We didn’t love whatever he did. But we felt like he got it right a lot and kept us safe.

  8. Pointing out that Putin has played Biden like a drum isn’t cheering it on ffs 🤦‍♂️

    You think it’s a coincidence Putin took Crimea under Biden Obama and waited until Biden was in to keep pushing it?

  9. What do you mean, 'Why not under Trump?' Whether you like him or not, are you really going to push the man with his hand on the nukes saying, ''I'll be your huckleberry." Probably not. Also, the withdraw out of Afghanistan was not pretty.

  10. Battleborndeplorable4life
    No USA military involvement.
    Stop Crying. Putin better allies than democrats!!! All Democrats are Fascist Marxist Totalitarian Cult Members of the Terrorist Organization DNC. The left are Children who fail daily. You two combined have half my life experience at 44. Lol

  11. This show is bullshit. Like anything else that’s ALLOWED to “get traction,” It’s just a new formula of controlled opposition running interference for the Shadow Planet Monarchs. Saagar is especially bot-like. His sole qualification is reading the teleprompter without letting his eyes move. Whoopie doo. Meanwhile despite his alleged “conservatism” he preaches Wokeness after all. Dig into his background and where he was educated and you may realize why. Hint: his full name is Saagar Enjeti. Additional hint: he’s a corrupt bag of shit who believes… his bank balance should have more zeroes. These two are so sloppy with sources and claims that calling their shillery “journalism” is downright insulting, and they’re about as “independent” as Hannity and O’Reilly.

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