Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Tests POSITIVE For COVID, Journalists Probably Got Her Sick

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  1. I disagree. Not wearing a mask is a hill to die on. To me these things are dehaminizing, demoralizing and (to put it bluntly) a form of psychological warfare.

    If you care about the environment, you might want to stop and think about how many billions of these are being produced? How many will end up in the ocean?
    How much money is being wasted on these things?
    From a public safety stand point I'm against all face coverings. People wear masks to conceal their identity.
    If you think Burkas are oppressive, why would you give an excemption to masks? It's just a different group of people imposing their beliefs on you.
    There's plenty of evidence to suggest masks do more harm than good. They interfere with respiration and collect germs.
    One of the few things more toxic than censorship is compelled speech. I'm seeing people getting arrested, fined and attacked for not wearing them.

    This is not simply an inconvenience. There's a whole stack of reasons to not wear a mask. You might not find that stack of reasons to be persuasive, but I DO!

  2. I have three friends all of been lifelong Democrats, we usually leave politics out of it. But one day when we were all together one of them brought up systemic racism. I asked him to do me a favor and pull out his phone and search for a few things they were the political affiliation of known politicians in history on both sides of racism. None of them could believe it the other two pulled out their phones and started backtracking as well. The guys just didn’t know their political history. This was about a year and a half ago, we just got together again for breakfast. One of them said he got his ballots the other two said they did as well I told him I don’t have a ballot and I thought they were mailing them to all registered voters in my state. One of my friends said laughed and said well I got three I could give you one. Between the three of them they had six ballots I had none. I got a call later that afternoon and said that somehow all his Democrat ballots got returned with not a Democrat on them. I laughed but I have to admit, I wished I hadn’t heard that. In order for this country To repair it self we all need to find our morals. These are good man and I think they’re just trying to fight a system the wrong way. But every time I think about it I still get a chuckle. Me with all of my problems with all my medical issues I’ll stand in line to vote in person.

  3. WHO, at the end of March, said Trump was doing a great job. There’s an advice. Feel free to google it. @TheDailyMenac3 posted it on twitter recently.

    I have never seen these people lie this transparently and obviously. ?‍♂️

  4. This is a great example of how this virus is fatal to some. But also, and I believe very often, is mild symptoms to no symptoms to others. We should be responsible for our own behavior and follow protocols. Then live like we can. I haven’t stopped going to work since this all began.

  5. Did tim move to Texas too? He said yall about 43773892 times in this video lol….im with you on the masks tim – dont like em but don't think its a huge deal. Also don't think giving dirty looks to normal wearing people is at all effective.

  6. Maybe now a non-partisan group will do an efficacy study on the use of masks. Is it possible masks just aren't effective enough to prevent spreading droplets…..

  7. Flaut rhymes with trout.

    It's not the same thing as flaunt. It doesn't mean the same thing. It doesn't sound the same. The words are unrelated.

    Everyone on YouTube messes this up. Tim, you can be the change.

  8. Well guess what Tim I work in healthcare and I take care of these people on a daily basis. I wear a mask at work I will not wear one outside of work. You know nothing of healthcare and constantly protecting yourself out in public does not make the community stronger and build up immune systems it makes everyone weaker. They are doing the opposite effect. In actuality only 9000 people have died from Wuhan Coronavirus the other 192000 have died because of medical complications due to their preexisting conditions. Locking everything down makes it go dormant everyone comes back out to massive cases you people are idiots

    And I think that he was dosed I think the dhapate podium was contaminated on purpose you may call me crazy but I don't care. I absolutely love that the journalists at the White House have now become positive.
    We've seen the videos from when they think the cameras are now off of them all taking off their masks sucking up to each other so you know what it's not her fault it's their own stupidity

  9. So Wallace purposely jeopardize the president of the United States and the Press team that does not obey social distancing and mask when the camera is off most likely contaminated are press secretary and others in the White House