Trump Proclaims He Will Scrap Payroll Taxes, Dems Claim He Wants to Scrap Social Security


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  1. If anyone wants to take away social security, it would be people on the left for the most part.
    (Also LOL at them spinning TAX CUTS for the working class as a bad thing)

  2. 2:20 You nailed it, Styx: they are pissed because they weren't able to do it first

    4:00 Joke's aside I think ab*rtions need to be curtailed(not banned, though). Imo they should only be done in the most needed circumstances(and even then i'd advocate for adoptions over that), and not as some form of pseudo birth control like many women use it now.
    (Also encourage use of actual birth control methods like c*ndoms and the pill)

    7:36 "Eat the bugs!" -Some leftist officials, maybe.

  3. Idea: Get the Social Security additional funding from the lottery proceeds… doesn't seem to be helping the "schools" much, so why not give it to the elderly and infirm?

  4. Isn't it merely deferred, which means temporary, and you will have to pay that back in the end when you file taxes? That is what I understood it to be. I could be wrong though.

  5. A reminder.
    Many, many years ago when Soc Sec was getting started.
    The federal govt swore up and down until blue in the face.
    "Your soc sec number will never be used by the gov as a personal identification".
    Really, try doing anything without it as your personal identifier.

  6. Styx knowledge of finances or the economy is nothing short of dog shit. He literally knows nothing about the economy or how the financial system works. Get that info elsewhere.

  7. Well to be fair, SS is a scam. I can save much more for retirement if the government didn't steal my money and put it into the shitty social security system

  8. Remember when we weren't taxed really? Yeah, I don't remember that since that stopped decades upon decades ago at about the start of WWI…. What was funding the government prior to that? I really would like to know.

  9. They told us in the 90s that social security would be out of money by 2025. So if he does eliminate it, it shouldn't be a surprise. Social security is failing and I say good. It was just a pet program from the dems. Roosevelt signed it into existence in 1935 as a deal agreement with democrats. I'd say his worst mistake.

  10. Christ what a bonus for the working person. Imagine not having to have PAYE. I would save £500 every 4 weeks – I could put that away for a rainy day.

  11. The payroll tax (income tax) has never LEGALLY applied to an American citizen living and working domestically within the States.

    Congress specifically defines ‘employee’, found at 26 USC 3401(c).

    Does that definition sound like you?
    If not, Congress has never made you liable to pay Federal and State income tax (INCLUDING Social Security and Medicare).

    Do yourself a favor and read, "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths" by Dave Champion

  12. If I remember my history correctly, there was some senator (name forgotten now) during WWII who said that the working people have a patriotic duty to help pay for the war by "withholding" some cash just like our enemies do (Germany had payroll taxes since the 19th century). This may not be exact but it was something like that. Everyone thought this "withholding tax" would disappear after WWII, but once a guaranteed income source has been secured by the government does it ever go away?

  13. Considering you probably pay somewhere around 80% tax, why not get rid of payroll tax. Just think about buying a couch. First the farmer who supplies the cow to make leather has to get a cow (which he gets taxed on if he buys it) but let's say he raised it from birth. So the Farmer pays tax on the feed he gives the calf, he pays tax on any medicine or growth hormones he gives the calf. He then sells the calf to a butcher (who pays tax on the purchase) and the Farmer has to claim income tax on the sell of the calf to the butcher (so the calf is taxed 2 times in one transaction even after all the food and medicine it used was taxed as well). The butcher then processes the calf and sells the hide to a leather manufacture (who is taxed on the purchase and the butcher has to pay income tax on the sale), so the same cow is now taxed 2 more times. So the leather maker produces leather (paying taxes on all the chemicals to process the leather) and sells the leather to a furniture maker. Again taxed 2 times (the buyer and seller both get taxed). So the furniture maker creates a couch and sells it to a furniture store. Again 2 taxes. Then you go and buy the couch, again 2 taxes. Even though you paid taxes on the money you made to buy the couch already you still have to pay tax on the couch itself. So how much of the total price of that couch was tax? 80%? I don't know the answer but it seems like double taxation (which is a crime) is nothing in comparison with the 12 to 20 times taxation on this couch. We are all just sheep being herded by the .01% of truly powerful people who run this country. (99.9% of the so called 1% are also just sheep)

  14. The Dems tried to kill off everyone in the retirement homes. Why would they care? They could use the money to build their own fortunes and pay for immigrants.

  15. Fuck social security. I would even support abolishing it. Congress robbed it, it’s going to run out on my parents, let alone me, and I’m still paying into it. It’s a pyramid scheme, a scam, a tax imposed on future generations. What bullshit it is

  16. Here you are wrong and I'll tell you why. Human instinct is to work hard but to reap the reward. This includes paying tax and being protected by society in old age. This is essentially yhe same as religious belief of the after life. Leverage this and move forward but question it and put your orange speedos on and learn to credibility dive. Your credibility took a dive mate.

  17. Don't forget that he first did away with the max amount withheld for Social Security. My husband used to pay social security up until the last month of the year, now, at 61, he's having more withheld & thanks to Obama has to work 2yrs longer & has had 25% of his Social Security (did the same to mine) benefits taken away because we're married.
    I was trying to get rid of this tax 40yrs ago or to at least have the option to put into an IRA or some other investment. As long as the lowest earners continue to put such a small amount in to ANY investment, the middle to upper middle class will continue to pay this tax so the people who never worked can transition from welfare to Social Security, they're already on food stamps & Medicaid. Would I love to see it go away? HELL YES! We have 4 kids (2 are only 30) & 7 grandchildren from ages 3-14. They're already getting the short end of the stick thanks to the spend-happy politicians, the continual raping of Social Security & have the sickest generation, GenX (I am one & my estimated life expectancy from birth was 5yrs less than that of the Boomers. In large part due to all the poison food-RSBT, BPA, Monsanto frankenfood, DDT, improper vaccination testing before being given at age 5 (I remember when I got the MMR vaccine, it was at school, free to our parents & we ALL were given it or at least those of us born in '66, without parental consent. I still caught all three but I didn't get polio but have had piss poor eye sight since then but not before that one. I have SLE, RA 2 autoimmune disorders, something I was told at 28 couldn't possibly happen, yet it did to me & millions more have multiple autoimmune disorders, just not necessarily the same ones. So yeah, I would love to see more choice about multiple things than I had. Boomers didn't have as many kids so there's never been enough to counterbalance the Boomer voting block. Politics is always about the numbers, voting numbers namely. Then a lot of GenX had multiple kids (I only had 1) & just when GenX started to see the number of Boomers start to decrease, our Millennials cane of age & outnumbered GenX too. It's kinda like we went from one massive number of wrong voting decisions by Boomers who trusted the government, to another massive voting block that hates & distrusts everything. I had a horrid childhood, homeless off & on, virtually no health care other than vaccines except for when I caught the Hong Kong flu at like 3 & my mom waited so long to take me to see anyone that I almost died & would've if not for the charity of the Catholic hospital St. Joseph's who immediately admitted me when I threw up nothing but blood & stomach lining all over the first intern that came near me to start diagnosis. I was put in CCU with tubes sticking out of me everywhere, I was hallucinating so bad that not only was I seeing bugs crawling all over me, the floors, the ceilings but the tubes were snakes to my poor little sick mind so I started ripping them all out so I was tied down both at ankles & at the wrists. So all of you out there that believe in 'white privilege' are out of your minds. I was lucky my mom waited tables & worked multiple shifts every day so that she could feed herself while on the first shift & bring home the food earned on her second shift or I wouldn't have eaten most days. The shelter systems & soup kitchens were woefully overcrowded because there were so few of them, even in NYC in the late 60's to late 70's. I didn't even get to eat at school most times until 9th grade when the free lunch program was finally rolled out in South Louisiana. Yeah, we also constantly moved too because she was always looking for better job opportunities which also didn't happen until 9th grade. She wasn't a drunk or a drug addict but trusted the wrong men & ignored me & my needs while simultaneously beating the living shit out of me & then trying to commit suicide multiple times beginning when I was 4. My grandma had custody of me for 2 yrs & my mom snatched me back but kept me from my Dad over half my childhood after walking out on him when I wasn't much over 2 yrs old. I started grifting when I was 4 1/2, was busing tables at 7, tending bar at 12!! Luckily I was 5'10", built like a brick house & had already mastered the art of grifting. So don't think that ALL whites or GenX had cushy lives, rather we worked our asses off to stay alive & to make sure our kids wanted for virtually nothing, especially not for parental involvement! So while we aren't perfect, most of us tried like hell, know I did!
    So to all you Millennials & GenZ out there, better roll up your sleeves & get to work & start saving your money, even if it's $5/week, save it or buy silver bc it's cheaper & easier to obtain on a tight budget than gold has ever been. Above all, quit all of this identity politics! The career politicians want everyone divided, it makes their fleecing of you SO much easier. After all, we ALL can truly get along, we used to be able to, I grew up with black friends my whole life & it's just recently changed with the races separating from each other, blocking each other on FB based upon skin color &/or political correctness. It MUST stop!

  18. He’s got my vote then.
    I’ve been dreaming of payroll tax cut for a very long time.
    Finally, that time has come!
    Let’s dismantle all departments of corporations and stop using all American businesses big, medium and small as tax collection posts.

  19. And Biden, that idiot isn’t making himself look any better by saying “I’m gonna raise your taxes”, not a good promotional piece for him to run on.

    It goes great with the mask mandate to make sure 100% guaranteed that he will lose!????

  20. Eliminating the payroll tax and taking the money from the general fund would create an additional 100 billion dollars a month in deficit, how do we make this money up? Lets hear your plan to raise this money.

    Also, Republicans do want to end Abortion rights in this country, just because they fail doesn't mean they don't intend to try.

  21. The fastest way to end the lock downs and mask BS is for Trump to declare them necessary. Within hours you'll be reading stories about what a fascist he is for mandating such things.

  22. If you want the wuflu restrictions to end, BREAK ALL THE RULES!!!!BE AN ANNOYING PRICK THAT WONT GO AWAY!!!!!! LIVE FREE!!!!! IF YOU WEAR A MASK YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!!