Trump Proposes Gov. Own Corporations It Bails Out!

Trump chief economic advisor recommended that the government take equity in companies it bails out.

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  1. It’s not because there is a crisis, it’s because we hate those scumbag corporations buying back there own stock with their earnings and then expecting a bailout when a downturn occurs. Fuck them! They need to know that the govt will be there to take a stake and maybe fire the CEO’s etc, then maybe there will be some accountability.

  2. So all it took was a pandemic to institute a government takeover of private industry.

    Im starting to think that maybe this coronavirus thing might not have been a freak accident.

  3. I personally think the move should be a substantial UBI to the people, NO BAILOUTS ANYWHERE. There will be pain, no doubt, but if every citizen got a check and we didn't subsidize the hell out of companies, we would start to see the economy reform around us, the people with the resources.

  4. This is GREAT NEWS, now under the direction of the government maybe the Corporations can now start providing shortages on access to products produced, similar to the shortages of government employees answering the phones at the unemployment office…….

  5. Trump is trying to bring back all American companies to America and wont bail out American companies operating in foreign countries.
    China has nationalized 3M and it has caused problems for Americans getting supplies they need. If Trump has to Nationalize American companies to keep them in America so America doesnt suffer from what happens in a foreign country then it's a good idea.
    Its smart socialization and is not done for power or greed but for the American people's safety and benefit.

  6. The gov owning companies is the snake eating itself. Socialism sounds AWESOME. But the consequences are catastrophic for an innovative and productive economy.

  7. universal basic income, govt ownership of corps, and modern monetary theory
    proposed by a right wing republican!
    hahhahhaaa – you can't make this stuff up

  8. Gov having a stake in a corporation with no control or desicion making of that corporation is not Socialism. There has to be gov control for it to be called Socialism. UBI for 3 or 4 months is not Socialism, its temporary payments.

  9. How are you going to pay for it?
    With possible inflation and printing money.
    Sorry Jimmy but that is where we would be facing if Bernie got all his programs as 20T which is 5x as much as this proposed bill.

  10. #1….Trump: America will never be a Socialist country.
    #2 Going into partnership with Trump historically has gotten them taking for their investment, involved litigation to recover their money that Trump had scammed, lost or refused to compensate them and ended with out of court settlement for pennies on the dollar and I have no doubt that language in the bail out agreement will allow such a senario to take place….

  11. Who let the smart guy into politics? Dang straight they should do it and fund social services with the profits. That'll show those SB's who want to buy stocks back at a reduced price and sell them again later for profit. If they try to use that profit for lining their pockets then they should go to jail.

  12. Gold is expensive, printing ink and paper is cheep by comparison. When they tried that printing press shit in Germany after the 1WW people were filling wheelbarrows with Marks to buy a loaf of bread. Then even that ammount was not enough, they used mountains of Marks for street fires to keep the homeless from freezing in winter. How America still has a buoyant dollar is beyond me… Something fishy going on, but the less I know about it the better. Know too much and Big Brother US would have to kill me to death… Yikes!!

  13. It would be nice if the democrats would take a break from attacking Trump and take care of us Americans who pay their salary.

  14. I hate to bust the Bernie bubble, but I'm sure the DNC took him into a backroom, sat him down at a table, and put a bullet at one end and a pile of cash at the other and said "choose".
    He folded like a wet rag to that war criminal Hillary, he's controlled opposition. At this point there really isn't much other explanation.

  15. You have to stop with this BS. Trump is never going to nationalize any business nor ask for equity in return for bailout money. Don't you realize by now that for Trump making statements is equal to action? It's getting tiresome watching you fall for this over and over again. You look foolish.

  16. Equity stake sounds good ! It will deter those that don"t really need it from asking. I think a seat in the board room should also be part of that package if the stake is large enough.