Trump Proven RIGHT After Video Shows Voter Fraud By Ilhan Omar Supporters, He DEMANDS Investigation

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  1. Come on man! We all knew the Marxists would cheat like hell and this is only the beginning. This BS with ballots is NOT going to fly. There's going to be big time trouble over this and we all know it. Marxists will cheat like hell.

  2. Yayyyy! I just said on another video this is what Tim Poole needs to cover!! This should be an outrage to the ENTIRE country bipartisanly, across the board. This corrupted bi*** wants to bring Somali corruption here to America. I seem to recollect that Omar's family was run out of Somalia? I think she had a family that was in government leadership. She had to flee her own country and she is just the most ungrateful treacherous individual that I've ever heard of!! I would be THRILLED to hear that they renig her citizenship because she is a traitor and does NOT even deserve to be IN our country, let alone BEING A LAWMAKER IN OUR COUNTRY!! I don't know if there is a way to take someones citizenship, but if there is, I would think that subversion of democracy would be grounds for losing your citizenship!!

  3. What if they don’t cheat by giving Biden votes, but instead give trump sooo many votes that it looks like trump cheated, imagine trump getting more votes than the us population?? Boom trump cheated he must be removed ?

  4. Omar isn't a legal American. She got over by using fraud.

    If she wants to bring middle east like tactics to the US with politics, then perhaps we should adopt what the middle east civilians do when they aren't satisfied by a politician…… we should drag her by her hair out of her office by physical force

  5. Tax evasion doesn’t raise my rage meter like child molesters, wife beaters, thieves and murderers. And he didn’t even evade his taxes, he just used the law to his benefit.

  6. Of course, these are tactics of the people that will stop at nothing to destroy our country. I'm sick of all the hypocrisy of the LEFT. I'm going to get a lot of happiness watching the evil get caught. They have no soul

  7. The government has got to start prosecuting, convicting and giving these criminals a stiff sentence. If not, then there’s no deterrent to stop.

  8. Establishment:Election interference!
    Me: Points to Ilhan Omar
    Establishment: Foreign interference in our elections!
    Me: You're just going to ignore that?
    Establishment: Alt-right Russian bot begone!
    Me: Okay. I'll be voting Trump.
    Establishment: Russian interference see!

  9. Trump made that statement about Omar because he knows she's only faking being an American Citizen. Her loyalties aren't there, but her double-face becomes evident when she says she was raised in the US.

    The same person who said the people who committed the 9/11 terror attack where just "some people doing something".

  10. Shocking. No really. Shocking. Thank goodness this was exposed. The election will be free and fair now.

    "How much rationality and higher protection there is in such self-deception, and how much falseness I still require in order to allow myself again and again the luxury of my sincerity."

  11. Regular Americans don't use Twitter and it's been shown that what trends in Twitter doesn't necessarily mean it's what people are really talking about.

    What's Trending isn't always organic these days…

  12. It's incredible that Democrats think we'll care more about how much Trump paid in taxes, than about whether or not we'll have any money to live on at all or a job to go back to, or a country to live in.