Trump Refuses Digital-Only Second Debate: Good!

A trap avoided:


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  1. The fact that the mainstream media holds so much sway over the majority of the public in this country is terrifying and pathetic.

    Engage with any of these smooth brain drones and they’ll all literally just regurgitate CNN/MSNBC’s talking points. “He’s responsible for 210,000 deaths”, “he called the military losers and suckers”, “he’s losing in the polls” etc.

    It’s like the entire concept of critical thinking and individualism has been eradicated and replaced with useful idiots sucking at the teat of the establishment.

  2. Trump would probably look better in the digital format. He doesn't think he can win the debate or he wouldn't be nitpicking. If Trump doesn't win at least one debate he won't get the electoral college.

  3. If Trump is impeached by Pelosi, or the cooes electoral fraud is so bad Trump "loses", I'm going to all out war against the left, voters and voted alike. Like if you'll join me.

  4. I'm really fed up with these youboobers who are constantly saying, "I told you this was going to happen" or "I predicted this and told you…"

  5. Plot twist: when Joe Biden said "Shut up man" at the debate it was actually directed to his aide on the other end of his wire who forgot to let go of his push-to-talk key.

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