Trump REFUSES Rule Change To Cut His Mic, Democrats Beg For Rule Change Because Biden Got CRUSHED

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  1. Trump should come in with a megaphone and if they kill his microphone he should whip it out and say "excuse me, I was talking. Can you here me now?"

  2. What we got from the debate is democrats want to obliterate the Supreme Court and turn it into some partisan bullcrap to make America communist and destroy our constitution

  3. They want to cut Trump off while feeding Biden words through his ear piece like filthy little cheater. These people will do anything to win. Even sacrifice citizens.

  4. No, they want to change the rules because Trump’s continuous interruption in a PRESIDENTIAL debate was a national embarrassment. Whether you support Trump or Biden, that level of interruption to where you have a hard time hearing the main speaker is just uncivil and that’s that. Biden shouldn’t have interrupted but it is undeniable that Trump interrupted way more. Remember, this debate is not for the presidential candidates but it is for the American people, us, to look at the presidential candidates’ traits, character and policies. When this aspect of debate is hindered with, the structure of debate must change to maintain the debate’s integrity.

  5. they are only saying it was a dumpster fire because Trump got some facts across. If Biden was the one who had been able to push his narrative in that way, they would never be asking for censorship