Trump Releases the Banana Republic Break-in Warrant… Just as the Liberals Wanted

The warrant and inventory:
Resulting lib meltdown:
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  1. The Obama birther thing stems from actual truth, the truth being that Obama never showing a legitimate birth certificate AND multiple members of his own family stating he was born in his fathers country.

  2. I’ve honestly given up on about a quarter of all Americans. They’re so ideologically suffused that they can see no reality outside the false world their ideological masters tell them. It’s a sickness.

  3. The ruling elite installed a senile figurehead to the presidential post. Due to their universally colossal egos, any coordination outside of that legitimizing title of President (Obama from his mansion for example) is just suggestion. The executive bureaucracy is a headless beast flailing, each self-important actor chasing the spotlight and the credit for stopping Trump. It's embarrassing to watch the US government's legitimacy collapse in this manner.

  4. I thank Trump for revealing the corruption at the top of the FBI. Also, I thank him for revealing to me the deep State thing is true.
    Trump has proven to be an amazing Street fighter. He is one tough son of a b****. The powerful forces which are aligned against trump, must be defeated.

  5. The FBI is acting like the Praetorian gaurd of the Roman Republic trying to manipulate leaders. We need a Constantine the Great to destroy them. The FBI is directly opposing the will of the people. We are not a democracy if the FBI is controlling elections.

  6. If garland was to say trump didn’t declassify or talk about this corruption it would literally be a preschool level argument. “No! No! You didn’t call us at out every turn since 2015-2016 (and even before).”

  7. The Joan of Arc story is just another manufactured fantasy that the Catholic Church creates and providing another manufactured symbol to its "Magisterium". <red . Its adherents then go on repeating the story over and over until the entire populace either comes to believe or just accepts that others believe. Just as Fox News and the Extremist Right does today, btw.

    It's an indoctrination and mind control tactic, Machievellian in scope. Of all people, the rabid traditionalist Catholic, E. Michael Jones, discovered how the falsity of one of these Virgin Mary visions worked and did a video on it. The manufactured vision involved the cooperation of priests too. Of course the believers fought him tooth and nail, but Jones made sense in what he discovered and how these psychological ploys work and even provided his proof. It wasn't the vision of Fatima. Jones wouldn't dare touch that one. Possibly the Guadeloupe vision, but I just don't remember.

  8. They WILL get Trump on a technicality. Maybe 1 in 900 declassification paperwork was missing 1 out of 13 signatures. Slam the espionage act on him, arrest him, jail him and disqualify him. Failing that get him to commit suicide in jail like Epstein.

  9. this fuckhead talkin like he knows shit and everything he said was wrong. even he declassified it he still stole the documents… also NONE OF THE DOCUMENTS THEY CLAIM HE HAD can be declassified by the president. stop listening to this fucking guy. he's seaks well but he did too much molly that was prolly bath salts.

  10. When the FBI maliciously interfered in countries all over the world where was the American peoples' outrage? You didn't give a damn. Now the poison has come back to bite you. You deserve everything that's coming to you.

  11. oh its not the last ditch effort, they cant and wont stop.
    But its pointless, they control the elections, we wont make it til 2024, and they are def gonna steal the midterms.
    This country missed its ONLY opportunity when we shit on Ron Paul.

  12. look, we suffered a communist coup of the nation in 2020…
    No country in history has ever protested, voted, prayed or wished itself out of communism, theres only ONE way out of this.
    Nobody is coming to save us.
    Personally I am trying to liquidate assets to gtfo of this shit hole since no men will fight against tyranny and I wont submit to this, so I choose to flee, at least til people value freedom enough to fight for it

  13. The affidavit is being " modified" to fit on going current updates. once the affidavit is worded to fit their narrative , then it will be released to the public.

  14. Nonsense. I'm from a Banana Republic and leaders there can do what they want (assasinate and arrest opposition, rape, steal, cheat, give away secrets etc.). In a true democracy, like Canada or the US, you can't do that. A clown like Trump made the USA a joke and he is being brought to justice for one of his many crimes. Instead of applauding democracy you want a banana republic where rules don't matter for the powerful!

  15. Minor quibble: this won't be the last time the regime tries to stitch up Trump. If he is elected, they will not relent. That's the difference between the sane people on the supposed right wing and the leftists. The "right" wins a battle and they call off the war. When the left wins (or loses) a battle, they immediately start fighting the next battle of their war.

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