Trump Reportedly Wants to Purge the Bureaucracy if Elected

Trump frickin 2024:

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  1. I feel the same way, if I were able to just go in and change the various alphabet agencies most would be completely eradicated and what few remained would be down sized. They would be lucky if by the time I was done, 10% of all federal employees were still employed.

  2. He didn’t purge last time. He kept Fauci on, and didn’t pardon Julian Assange. He also backed operation warp speed. I don’t trust the guy, or the rest of them either.

  3. When Trump was President almost 1,000 pages of rules pertaining to the Telegraph system were eliminated. Though the system has basically been non-existent for years the rules were still there. There is so much to clean up.

  4. Sickening, Obama already destroyed our democracy by getting in bed with all these countries that don't have our back. Civil war is the only way things will get back to normal. I'm serious like corn flakes.

  5. "If" indeed Trump does manage to be re-elected and he does try to go through with this plan the democrats and unions will try to tie his efforts up in court for years. And even if he looks as if he'll succeed the "deep state" (bureaucracy) is so entrenched that he'll have a target on his back so large that he'd need food tasters. Entire agencies would have to be abolished to accomplish purging the bureaucracy and those efforts will be fought literally tooth and nail by the democrats and RINOs.

  6. Trump already had the chance to drain the swamp and instead he empowered a whole bunch of swamp creatures. Trump doesn't want to drain the swamp, he is just spouting that jive because he knows we want that and we have no mode of recourse. Anyone who still believes in trump is mendacious or something. I agree with Styx on many things but this trump worship is cringe and myopic. We can do much better.

  7. You'd think a guy who is well known for saying "You're Fired" would have cut more people from the Executive Branch right off the bat- cut about 90% would be a big improvement.

  8. The only way I’d vote for him again is if he promises to purge the bureaucracy.

    The biggest mistake he made in his first term was leaving all his enemies in positions of power.

  9. As a Brit I have never understood why Trump pardoned who he did just before he left office,he could have pardoned Assange but chose loads of pointless criminals,was there a reason for this other than he really wasn't the person the right had hoped him to be?

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