Trump ROASTS Joe Biden After He Pulls Dementia Hat Trick Claiming He’s Running For Senate

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  1. Why does he need to go to Toledo? Cause he’s simply going thru the motions. A few years back I was a private duty caregiver for a 102 year old Jewish man who had dementia and I’m also the grandson of a Buffalo Soldier and Army Sgt. who served in the Korean War and he passed when he was 90 and they were on totally different ends of the spectrum. Joe is not wel and it’s elder abuse to have him paraded around like that. But he also supports Planned Parenthood and is actually racist so… Trumps policies is what I’m voting for.

  2. Biden doesnt deserve any sympathy. You even made a video about how secret service agents had to hide their children from him because he couldn't stop touching them

  3. Joe biden wants to send more troops to an -istan country that the vast majority of the world has never heard of… well a declaration was sent out with his name on it. If you claim to be anti war and vote for biden, congratulations on being a grifter you're now pro war.

  4. It’s not only the “running for Senate” mistakes. When Biden speaks he constantly slurs words, slightly mispronounces words, not big mistakes but a constant struggle to speak clearly. I even heard radio spots, taped campaign commercials that have words that are slightly off.
    And to see the difference just go back 5 years you have to go back to the 90s to see the difference in Biden.

  5. You said "The people dislike Trump" Have a look at the crowds he attracts to his rallys Then look at sleepy Joe's. The people love a non politican who gets things done. rather than Someone who for forty seven years did nothing but put black people in jail for minor offences.

  6. "How do you vote for someone who doesn't know what office they're running for?" Because they're leftists, dude. Their brains literally don't work. Voting for a guy with dementia is no different than opening our borders, defunding cops, defending planned parenthood, and any number of other literally insane choices that leftists have been making for decades.

  7. Trump stopped most the vitriol, but dems doubled down . Compare how trumps acts in 2020 compared to 2016 to 2018. Big difference. Many dont notice or blame him for how the dems act.

  8. Hey Tim, you have said repeatedly that President Trump is a bad guy! Clarify why you says this. Do you want another Obama that is a gifted speaker, criminal, war monger, divider of America? Trump has made America so much stronger in every meaningful measure. 4 more years! Hold China accountable for the world suffering! Trump will make that happen!

  9. Joe Biden is also one heck of a liar. Look up the video on him bragging about having three law degrees when he actually has one or being first in his law class when he was really something like 68 out of 75 or other ridiculousness like that. And he's probably plagiarized more speeches than he's actually wrote. The guy is a complete mental lightweight. mix in that he has dementia and you can see what the problem is.

  10. Trump can't chill out because the media won't allow it. It's like the kid that has been bullied on the playground. He has to stand up for himself. He knows how social media works and how to use it. If the media would report what Pres Trump has done, it's lots of positives, you would not see this side of Trump like we see. The media loved him before he became President. He must stand up for himself and our country. Biden's family and followers should be ashamed of this sham, it's elderly abuse.

  11. Funny how you say Trump should just chill-out…he has been harassed since being in office, falsely accused and disrespected by the media, lied about constantly. He is frustrated and rightly so. Seems I remember you having someone misrepresent you and you were angry…just sayin…he is human first!

  12. People in my family voted for Joe Biden knowing he had dementia. Their justification was that they were actually voting for kamala Harris and the "experts" who would actually be running the show. ?

  13. No Tim, not legit sad. It is worse than that. By the way I put this idea out about a year ago, but it is worse because they purposely selected Joe Biden knowing that. They wanted to be able to evoke the 25th amendment so they could get one of those unelectable people you say on the Democrat Party ticket who obviously their own voters didn't vote for enough, so Joe Biden won the primary, we assume that is not due to some anti-democratic measures the DNC took like they did against Bernie Sanders for Hillary.

    Say Joe Biden actually worn, but the DNC wants a more radical ideologically zealot and compliant person, like Kamala Harris. They could have picked Elizabeth Warren or some other person, but they chose Kamala. We already know she is more radical and more Progressive than Joe Biden.

    You are then really voting to elect Kamala as president, which normally you might never do, yet the beauty of the two party system, which of course, we have other parties, but the majority of people will vote for either Republican or Democrat and so by proxy and default you will vote into office, so they claim it is democratically elected can be made, Kamala Harris will be in office as VP, but through the magic of political engineering or political technology, mark my words, she will become the President of the US, because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will evoke the 25th amendment on Joe Biden. That is the real purpose of why they put forth that bill to specify what triggers it. Sure they can do this to Trump too, and if he were incapacitated due to COVID-19 then for a brief period Mike Pence would be acting President but as soon as Trump recovered, which would be sooner than later, Trump would be president again.

    Yet, with Joe Biden, he has a long term debilitative mental incapacity. They knew that before they nominated him. Because that is the reality, when elected president, the chance only increases the likelihood of a need to evoke the 25th amendment and like other VP's who assumed the office of President, from Teddy Roosevelt to LBJ you'll see some Great Society level Pogram rolled out.

    That's there plan. Joe Biden selected as their party nominee by their own choice is not an accident.

    This is of course only possible IF Joe Biden were to win, which he won't, but remember they are trying to take real steps to throw the election into doubt, throw it into the courts, or into Congress so that it is decided. Say it is thrown into Congress and like Chuck Schumer said wait till the election, so if 4 senators flip, and the Democrats rule the Senate, then guess what that means. Joe Biden will become the next president.

    There are a lot of conditions to this plan, but they are politically engineering. I did not make up their plan. It is what it is and the way it plays out depends on the conditions of the outcomes. When RBG died, it threw a wrench into one aspect of their plan.

    They knew they could not win by democratic means, so they are engineering an outcome to Make it So and tilt the odds in their favor.

    Why that is the case is another story, why it is so paramount they win the White House. Why go through all this. That then is the real story, but bottom line is Joe Biden really does have a debilitating disease. Which, as a human being, is fine. We are not poking fun at him. He needs to retire and get rest, living out his last years in peace with his family, but the fact is if elected his own party will seek to remove him and we could say stab him in the back, but it really is not a betrayal. It is a PLANNED outcome. They selected Joe based on that fact of his mental and physical health.

    The PARTY of the Democrats, and those who fund and ultimately control the party want the White House, and Joe Biden is merely their tool, their proxy, to achieve that end.

  14. Why does this guy, Tim, always pull stories from the Daily Mail? Does he know the Daily Mail is regarded as some of the worst right wing propaganda out there and has no credibility whatsoever? I mean, Fox News actually reports the news sometimes with facts, which can't be said at all for the Daily Mail.

  15. If Biden does win we are fucked for 4 years. Republicans will take back the House in 2022, but that would just slow the bleeding. Harris would tank this country into a recession without a pandemic lockdown assisting. A Republican will win the White House in 2024 if they are a strong enough candidate and it will take another 8 to 12 years to fix the damage done in just those 4 years run by Harris.