Trump Says Withdraw Our Troops From “Endless Wars,” Retired Army Captain AGREES, But With A Warning

Tim asks the question, What can we do to bring our troops home safely, and soon? Sean Parnell (GOP congressional district candidate for PA-17) has some ideas, and some very personal experience in the army to share.

Guest: Sean Parnell, PA-17 congressional district candidate
Twitter: @SeanParnellUSA
Instagram: @SeanParnellOfficial

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  1. This is the problem with Tim and other people talking about wars and that's why Tuilsi was a fake person, the problem what is happening in all those countries is that we helped them a lot and this why they do not understand they think that USA goes and start stealing and this and that, when Trump says we keep the oil is because he knows that we are helping that country we spent money like crazy like if it was a second country, and at least they can pay back at least with the oil, is a fair trade, do you know how many people want justice there that they really support Americans is hard to just go away is not that easy, I know that going there was a mistake but we are there now and the life of too many people are in the line, anyway I think they should come home but the point here that is not like ok lets do this and that's it, you have to be inside the WH to take tough decisions not easy decisions, now we should leave that place, and all the people profiting of that conflict should find another business or just go on vacation enough is enough.

  2. no mention of "Lock her up" and there are problems with the police especially in some states. The police are Domestic Enemies of the USA because they do not know what the second amendment is nor care what the second amendment is sheep and slaves are not allowed to defend themselves. And they can easily NOT be domestic enemies of the USA by recognizing the only reason someone needs a license is only if that person is "on a job" or "at work" or otherwise "on duty". We the people have the right to keep and bear arms. Also i hope this is a rumor but if i call the police and the perpatrator/trespasser/suspect leaves the premesis before the police arrive do i have to worry about getting arrested for being a victim regardless of contact information i can provide to aid the police?

  3. Not a single Afghan or Iraqi was involved in 9/11.
    Comey had a map of Iraqi oil fields before 9/11 occurred. Saddam was Israels #1 enemy.
    The only Iraq building not looted after the invasion was the oil ministry which was protected by a tanks.

  4. Bring our boys n girls home, those terrorists can keep fighting amongst eachother like they have for decades before we got there,its a religious battle that will only cost lives of US soldiers, let them squabble about their gods

  5. Your not the only free Country in the World we in Great Britain are free, thousands want to live there every year to the extent we need to get rid of a lot of them.

  6. I always wonder. Is there a parallel universe of liberal YT channels. I don't go looking so they never show up in my feed. But, there must be and I wonder what their viewership is.

  7. "This could be a precursor to peace in the middle east in our time". F off, seriously. I lost count of how many "middle east peace agreements" that have been signed that went nowhere. This planet is filled with haters, in the middle east, in the US and everywhere else. 20 years of war on our dime in the middle east. PULL OUT. I'm OVER IT.

  8. germany wanting US military bases is very dubbel sided
    i dont doubt people like the ecnomic boost
    but on a whole its either positive for NATO alliance and friendship
    on the negative its is a reminder of the US occupation and cold war split

  9. I don´t know if you are reading this Mr. Pool but you asked the question about Germany paying for troops. Well first of all yes the millitary bases the US has in Germany boost the economy especially since they are mostly in smaller/regional cities not the larger ones. However Germany does pay their fair share for the US troops:

    From 2010-19 Germany paid the US nearly a billion euros for US troops and contruction/upkeeping the bases. But this isn´t the problem Trump has. That was just some extra info. His problem is that my country isn´t spending 2% of it´s GDP on the Bundeswehr. But that 2% spending goal is nothing but a guideline the NATO members agreed on. No one needs to uphold this spending, hardly anyone does if you look for yearly statistics. Yet we are still the biggest NATO contributors next to the UK and France.

  10. It is complicated, the radicals didn’t exist in Afghanistan until the CIA put them there. The problem that exists now, America, you put it there. Fix it now, you broke it.

  11. I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen at this point, Obama said he’d end the war before ever entering office, Trump said he’d end the war before entering office too and his term is almost over, Biden worked with Obama so I don’t trust him to end this, and even if Trump gets another try, he should’ve delivered on his promise during the last four years, if he hasn’t done it already, why should anyone expect to do it later?

  12. This is one of the best interviews I have ever seen, ever. I work with a guy who spent a lot of time in Afghanistan with the military and he is very concerned about retribution against the Afghanis who helped the US. I share that concern but also the concern if the US pulls out entirely and lets these people be hunted down, it will be infinitely more difficult to get needed cooperation from local citizens in another country in the future.

    This is why it’s so important not to give in to mission creep and to have a clear objective and exit strategy from the outset. It’s harder to do than it seems, but it really is a huge upfront consideration that needs to be taken seriously.

  13. It is NOT our responsibility to police the world! American lives must come first! We can send humanitarian aid all day long as long as our ally takes responsibility for security. We can’t prop up a foreign government. We can help secure their nation but they have to hold it.

  14. if…IF IF IF you go to war…then GO TO WAR…destroy them without mercy..for a time..then back off..hurt then evaluate…once the attacks stop then so do we. war is over!!….do that noone will mess with us.

  15. I am a military mom. It’s no longer our duty to rebuild that nation. Afghanistanis are tough warrior people. We can’t save the world. We need to save our own nation.

  16. In October 2018, FASAB 56 was passed Bi-Partisan. The ability for the people to know where taxpayer money goes to is crucial to having an informed opinion regarding the actions of your representatives and to react accordingly. The Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) has released Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56 (Standard 56), taking government accounting practices from laxly enforced reporting standards to a new benchmark entirely–expressly approved obfuscation of reporting and, in some cases, outright concealing financials.
    When this Bill was Passed ~ The Pentagon & Intel Agencies went Dark!
    Eric Prince lobbied Trump, to bring home Soldiers & to use Mercenaries.
    You would only need 10,000/12,000 Mercenaries verses 23,000 Troops.
    Blackwater USA took out a full page ad in the January/February 2019 issue of "Recoil" magazine with the company's logo and a message: "We are coming." The potential privatization of the Afghan War was previously dismissed by the White House, and roundly criticized by Mattis, who saw it as a risk to emplace the nation’s national security goals in the hands of contractors.

    “When Americans put their nation’s credibility on the line, privatizing it is probably not a wise idea,” Mattis told reporters in August. But Mattis is out now, one in a series of moves that has surprised most of the Pentagon. Drastic change would “be more likely” now, one DOD official said. This month, in the January/February print issue of the gun and hunting magazine “Recoil," the former contractor security firm Blackwater USA published a full-page ad, in all black with a simple message: “We are coming.”

  17. The advertisement on you Podcast is for the election of Biden. Hahaha. Excellent discussion. I was in Spain when they had the failed coup attempt in 79-80 timeframe. I was in the military at the time. It was scary, partied with the Spanish marines after the coup failed. The troops trying to sieze the government surrendered, and a second Spanish Civil war was averted. OMG, the marines could really party.

  18. If everyone supporting America will die when you leave, it simply means the absolute majority never wanted and still don't want America there. Because after all this years of so called "good work" and weapons poured into that country.. you should have 90% support and that majority can defend themselves when you leave. You have no support there than the few who have always admired America even before the war. That's why you fear to leave. My opinion