Trump Seems To Be Doing Pretty Great, Actually

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Written by Akkad Daily

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  1. It looks to me like your videos are being suppressed to not show up to subscribers in the past month or so. Just my experience, but I've have to manually find your videos recently. Maybe it's just on my end but just letting people know.

  2. People always frame "income inequality" like it's something which appears strictly along the lines of skin color, sex, etc. As if there aren't multi-millionaires and billionaires who are non-white, women, etc. Of course there's more inequality when the top actors, musicians, and sports players are earning far more money than in past years. The absolute bottom, on the other hand, can't really change.

  3. Have you ever actually said "Trump is not doing great" because, it's kinda hard to care if you're always saying he's doing great. Everyone has a bad day, but you just don't seem to own that when it's your guy -you and Tim Pool both.

  4. Don't worry about rioters attacking the palace, there is an army barracks across the road from it 😛

    If you haven't been in it, you'd never notice. It's completely inconspicuous, for full on fuck you response time XD

  5. Maybe some people are rich & live in posh gated communities, never having to worry about riots, looting, work, bills. Maybe your parents are wealthy and pay for everything you'll ever need/want. For the rest of us, the choice is obvious…the future of America as we know it is up in the air. So you fuckers better get off your ass & vote like your life depends on it.

  6. In the US, our own conservatives have been disappointing us for generations. Trump's election has caused several notable conservatives and Republicans to just drop the pretense that they were ever conservative to begin with.

  7. Dont forget Trumps only been in politics 4 yrs , Bidens been crawling out of the basement since the 70s in the senate and spent 8 yrs nxt to Obama doing sod all.