Trump Sees RNC BUMP, Ratings Jump And Closes in On Biden, Echo Chamber Journalists Are SHOCKED

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  1. The hatch act… if the person is a member of the current administration then they work for the administration and should be able to praise said adm8nistratiin at any time of their chosing. I don't see how that is wrong. It would have been more wrong for Pompeo to support Biden at the dnc, now that would be a violation, just my 2 cents

  2. I honestly think that President Trump is up lO-I5 points in sum states and up 5-6 points in others (swing states) and in deep blue states (coastal states) under 3-4 points.
    I think Trump is going to blow him out BlGTlME and l also hope this happens.

  3. Didnt Biden use the office of vice president and its tax funds to bribe Ukraine to not investigate his son? Lol. Hatch act seems like a peanut compared to that mountain.

  4. Tim tells us to rise up and defend America. Yet he doesn't vote because he doesn't care anymore. Then he moves from states when it isn't safe anymore. Tim how about you take your own advice and stay amd fight like you demand conservatives do. Put yourself and livelihood at risk like you want us to do.

  5. I've been hearing people crow about the destruction of the other party lots of times, and it never happens. Because there's simply too much political infrastructure owned by the two majors. Even if what comes out of this cycle bears little ideological resemblance to the party that entered it, the levers it controls and doors that open in its name ensure that any time the Republicans or Democrats fall, a successor will find it more useful/easier to puppet the corpse than to independently build that infrastructure.

    Although in practice they don't actually fall, they kind of stumble and do this Whovian regeneration, where they're more or less for the same things, but with an emphasis that would have seemed impossible a year or two earlier.

  6. I'm with you with hopefully Dems become the minority party but fuck if it's a 3 way split between Rep, lib and green. Green is a lot of the worst and more insane of the dems to begin with

  7. Republicans will not only welcome you into the tent, sit down & have a cold one (beer, cola – whichever) but actually LISTEN to what you have to say. The more we talk, the more you’ll find that we have a whooooole lot more in common than you ever had with the Democratic Party. Also, you’ll be able to afford your own backyard party because the Republicans will ALLOW you to make money. Unlike the Democratic/Socialist Party that will come into your tent and by the end of the evening you’ll turn around and find that the Dems not only drank all of your cold ones, but stole your tent, walked into your home & wiped you out because IT’S THEIRS and ITS REPARATIONS. #WALKAWAY
    WE MUST GET OUT THE VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd TO ENSURE A #TRUMP2020 & #REPUBLICAN2020 LANDSLIDE !!! Yes, we must even include the RHINOs – the time to replace them is during the primaries. Otherwise, a no vote will give the dem/socialists a vote. PLEASE VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET TO GET THR AMERICAN DREAM & OUR COUNTRY BACK! Blessings to you all!!