Trump Signs Executive Order, Launches Task Force Targeting Antifa, Feds Ready To ARREST Far Leftists

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  1. "I believe the confederate statues SHOULD come down…"
    So it's acceptable to remove monuments to US military soldiers? Because the Confederate soldiers were declared still part of the US Military, after the war. Those men were still veterans of the US military.

  2. They should also go after all those who donated or have contributed to antifa…. you'll see how many Democrats fall… trump slogan should be "teach America accountability again"

  3. TIm is just holding on to peaceful anarchy like it really exists. It's a temporary state of lawlessness that encourages the worst acts of humanity to overthrow the current system and place a new one in.

  4. really. abraham lincoln. is that really a good idea to be so upfront about it. I know democrats have and still hate him, but really.

  5. Why is the whole U.S.A idiots? MSM directed by the DNC has caused all of the chaos before but more so after President Trump was elected, this is all DNC playbook, BLM is a democrat creation.

  6. We need an Executive Order reforming the corrupt FCC in doing so directing the FCC to enforce a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct protecting News Reporters, News Anchors and Journalist from the Networks, who now are told what to say by the likes of Jeff Zucker obvious moron as news coming from the DNC, establishing clear 1st Amendment Rights "Freedom of Speech" for these employees of Networks.

  7. The worst countries in our world NOW are CHINA and AMERICA even Africa has a better reputation because of DNC, thanks democrat supporters

  8. The best way to rename or remove statues and/or monuments is to create a petition and submit it to the local government. The 1st amendment allows this to happen, destroying someone else's property isn't covered.

  9. I'm a independent sure I disagree with people but I also listen to there argument. And sometimes I change my mind. But I don't resort to violence because I disagree I keep an open mind.

  10. As someone who watches Philip DeFranco Semi-regularly, I would like to point out saying he is center-left leaning would be less acurate than saying he is a leftist-centre leaning ?, if pick-up what im laying down