Trump SLAMS Black Lives Matter Threats To “Burn it Down” As Treason

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  1. Tim, You should give good guy Hawk a good bye call. Veterans are oathed to defend America from all enemies foreign and domestic. And we are heavily armed and hyper motivated. Hawk won't last long!

  2. If I am not mistaken Pike was a recognized journalist. Additionally I believe he hated the south and was later executed for treason.
    Still it is sad how little the young ones know about history. Ater all Slavery was a lesser issue the war was fought over, if I am not mistaken. Been a while since I read up on it.

  3. I WOULD be all for moving the Confederate statues over to museums…if not for the fact that THE LEFT CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH AN INCH OF THIS. They now expanded this to destroying statues of Founding Fathers & even ABOLITIONISTS….They already tried destroying statues of Teddy Roosevelt in a museum!!! They will not be satisfied till EVERYTHING is gone. Sorry Leftys, I was on your side on this, but y'all removed all trust with you guys. As punishment, the statues stay.

  4. You really think many of these people go to museums? Pfft. They'd never learn ANY of their history then, they barely absorb any now – Well, except what they want.

  5. Sedition – Check. Insurrection – Check. Treason??? Depends on who is funding you. POTUS has access to intelligence services, he likely knows a LOT more.

  6. By order of the Congress of the United States, ALL Confederate soldiers were declared veterans of the United States of America. When you disrespect them, you disrespects us.

  7. The Left is aided , abetted , directed and financed by foreign interests .
    Yuri Bezmenov laid it all out back in the 1980’s …

    Watch his and other Soviet defectors statements .
    See how what they warned against is coming true even as we speak .
    This was all planned years ago , and executed as the “ long march “ through our institutions… by “ fellow travelers “ and “ true believers .”
    It’s not a conspiracy theory … it’s cold hard facts .

    Marxism isn’t a political system and Social Justice just theories to them .
    One of many … up for discussion and debate …

    It’s a religion .

    So the definition holds .
    Treason , insurrection , terrorism .
    I think a population can justify rebelling against an oppressive regime… as a last resort .
    A resolution of grievances .

    Working for a foreign power , even multinational private interests , to topple your own government , to replace it with one aligned with these interests , against the will of its own citizens , in order to repress and enslave them .
    That is treason .
    That is what the Left is doing .
    The media , the politicians , the academic institutions , trade unions , corporations … all serve foreign masters , promoting foreign ideals …

    You can argue that the Right are home-grown rebels , who are resisting what they see as government overreach …
    Old huwite boomers …

    A disruptive and recalcitrant bunch of armed hillbillies , clinging to their bibles and guns .
    Too stupid , disjointed and disorganized to conduct a real uprising .
    Most are still loyal to the flag and the country , they just don’t like an authoritarian dictatorship of any stripe , right or left .
    And THEY are portrayed as the most urgent threat by the media and politicians .

    Even the best government needs to be kept in check , if the individual is to enjoy liberty …

    The Left is working in lockstep with an international movement to bring about a common socialist ideal … and a worldwide Marxist revolution .
    They have been for years , and make no secret of it .
    Why won’t anybody believe them ?

    Organizations like Antifa and BLM are just their street muscle .
    The media and collage campuses their propaganda and indoctrination centers .
    The riots , looting and murder are no accidents … they are tools to cause civil disruption and chaos .
    These things will increase until the country capitulates , in the hopes of getting order and stability from the new masters …

    All part of the bigger plan .

  8. These are people who will drag your family from your home and kill you and them in the font yard . I dont care what its called , i will not go peacefully and i will take more of them than they will of me.

  9. He needs to stop slamming and start charging. Meanwhile the media is still covering for them… that's also sedition
    If you want to make an argument to tear down all the statues of the "losers" lets tear down all the communist ones too. But really the better argument is what are they going to go for next Washington/Jefferson?
    I've seen those idiots claiming all this is what our founders supported… ya know overthrowing the government when it's against the people. And when I tell them to stop being wimps and attack the government instead of defenseless businesses they quite up real quick. When I mention revolution is when the people rise up against the government while when only a small group rising up against the government and the entire rest of the people well that's sedition and terrorism

  10. They took down two Confederate statues in Baltimore that were on Federal Hill years ago and I feel they shouldn't. My reasoning isn't supporting the confederacy but because it removes have the symbolism on Federal hill, I am speaking from a point of historical symbolism of the state and as an artist. For context, these statues where on the south side, on the north side are two Union generals as well. On the hill facing the Inner Harbor of Baltimore is a sealed up cannon, one of many that were station on the hill to level the business district if Baltimore tried to secede or support the south. The Confederate statues complement the Union ones visually, Maryland was considered by both a southern and northern state and was divided in belief during the Civil War, by removing the statues you remove the visual symbolism of the states mentality and complex position during the war, removing part of the history of Baltimore.

    This is just an artistic view on the statues facing and opposing each other on top of this hill using historical context and facts to create this opinion. Not a support for the Confederacy. I feel them removing such things hurts the meaning behind the statues and meaning of Federal Hill by hiding half the symbolism.

    This is an argument to just leave them up. But the Mayor and city officials removed them in the middle of the night without allowing the public to vote.

  11. trea·​son | ˈtrē-zᵊn
    Definition of treason
    1 : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family

    Everything BLM/Antifa/most leftists today who proclaim to want to “remove Trump by any means.” Would be considered treasonous. ?‍♂️

  12. Democrats want to pull down statues of democrat soldiers that fought to keep their slaves. Its much more then vandalism, they want us to forget so we let them slap chains on some of us again. Their next suggestion will been slavery as reperation. The powers that be don't care what color you are, that's a tool they use to keep us divided.

  13. This IS terrorism and treason. Threatening a DEMOCARTICALLY elected president. Who they think they are? Those thugs should be thrown in a cell and pay for every single property they have destroyed + a compensation to all the people who had to suffer their harasment in their own homes.

    Can you imagine they get away after all they have done? What message are we sending? Is it OK to destroy, harass and burn buildings if you are part of a mob?

    I don''t live in a democrat state, but if I was living in one and I had a family I would take them and MY MONEY somewhere where stupid mobs wouldn't show.

  14. It is treason. BLM is a foreign Marxist subversive geopolitical operation being run in domestic American areas. Aiding and abetting these people is seditious. Their goal is to seize control of our government, rewrite our laws, rewrite our history, change definitions in the dictionary, tear down statues, burn cities, etc… with the ongoing movement revolution resulting in 34+ governments overthrown and 100+ million murdered in the last hundred years, what more proof could you possibly need?

  15. If leftists weren't already literally burning stuff down, I'd be less quick to believe BLM activists that their calls to burn things are metaphorical.

  16. Not sure what any of these means exactly, but 45 or so % of America is 45 to 65 in 2010. Plus there is no age limit on voting unless they did hard time and were a felon in their younger years. 45 minus, are not all Progressive/Dems/Libs. However 45 + have been around long enough enough, we embrace all people! However we know one thing very clearly cause we are grown. Do not f with our livelihood and do not break the law assholes!!!! That's what we know. Add it up, do the math. Be nice to each other. Love your fellow American. Any other talk, will not fly. Guaranteed.