Trump SLAMS Obama And Biden, DEMANDS They Be Indicted Immediately By Bill Barr

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  1. Smells like that 2 tier justice system everyone keeps talking about. Hmm, weird. Last I checked lady justice was supposed to be blind.

  2. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure" —Thomas Jefferson.  I am sure we have all heard this statement.   It seems we are at that point, as scary as it may seem, where nothing short of a revolution will set things straight again.  Our elected officials (and the rich and powerful)  need to be held accountable for their crimes, just as regular citizens are.  Does anyone really believe obama, hillary, biden, or any powerful politician will ever have to pay for their crimes?   Unless they're drastic changes, none of them, or anyone else in the future will have to…..They believe they're above the law, and it seems they're correct.

  3. Why weren't her servers confiscated and put through data recovery…it's not like we don't have the technology to find out what used to be on a hard drive. hell we can even see what used to be there even if the data has been replaced with other data. The only way to be sure the data is gone is to shred the hard drive. If she shredded the hard drives…well that would require some explaining wouldn't it.

  4. It’s not “The Deep State”….it’s “The State”. The entire government is one big incestuous cover fest of corrupt scum. When you call on Poppy Bush’s AG, Bill Barr to oversee the prosecution of these government and institutional frauds what the f*ck do you expect? Donald Trump’s biggest mistakes and the factor that will cause Trump to go down as a failed President is his inability to appoint or hire people who desire to or can successfully carry out his agenda and prosecute these f*cking scumbags!

  5. 3:18 "I don't want it to happen, I just want to move on…." Move on with all this just hanging out there, no indictments, no accountability for criminal actions? What does 'moving on' under those conditions look like, Tim? It doesn't look good from where I sit.

  6. "There seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence against Biden."

  7. I guess this explains why the democrats are trying to say Trump's viral fighting meds have made him "crazy"! It's to take the sting out of his charges against them (or at least make their minions question the man they've been taught to hate). By keeping Biden in the race they were trying to protect him as well as themselves. The dots are lining up to where their insane actions almost make sense. If this is not stopped and they get away with it our country is over. Trump is the only one confident & ballsy enough to even try to take them on. I'm sure they have enough dirt (real or not) on every politician out there & the power to destroy them should anyone try to take them on. They didn't think Trump would win & now I'm sure they're threatening & leveraging everyone under him to back off or else. What are the odds that any of them have the courage to do what needs done when we all know what these DS people are capable of? It's one thing to put your own life on the line, but they're risking others too. There has to be enough good guys left to protect those who would be in danger and take these people out once and for all or we are all doomed to a very scary existence in this country.

  8. They should have been indicted months ago! Our entire judicial system is the laughing stock of the world! Had Trump not won, America’s would still be asleep while Hillary & the rest of the establishment continually ran around stealing tax $ raping & killing our kids & whoever else crossed them. Those ppl r sick! They hate America!

  9. Trump is just like us, he wants them arrested like the rest of us. we all know it’s time, they did it to trump, it’s time we turned the table on them! Turnabouts fair play!

  10. We have plenty of evidence they all committed crimes, and you r correct, if they don’t press charges on them, we americans r goinf to take it into our own hands!

  11. This is actually true. Hillary's campaign contracted out the Steel dossier during the campaign and then the CIA investigated and used it for FISA warrants.

  12. Tim… It is worth continuing to go after Biden as truth and justice should prevail regardless of yourself or others being tired of it. We are all worn out with what has happened with Obamagate but we as a country cannot and will not allow this to ever happen again. I love your show and agree with most things you say but I am on America's side with this one!

  13. This happened in the U.K. back in the 80s they said if the people find out all these pedos in government the people would burn down london and big ben or something to that effect so they covered it up and called it 'national security'