Trump Stomps Biden?

In this video I discuss who won the second and final presidential debate & whether or not it is enough to change anything along with my highlights
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  1. Why are the topics always the same bs? Covid? super worn out over reacted to disease Racism in America? Not really a thing for a LOOOOOOONNNGGGG time Climate change being man centered? complete and utter bs. I actually got more pissed that any Americans, as in ANY could buy into such stupidity.

  2. Biden didn't deny the that the laptop was real. He said that top CIA analysts said it has the look of Russian disinformation. Not that it's actually fake.

  3. Dude. If you cant pick up on someone being facetious about calling Trump more or less Honest Abe. Then I dont think you need to be making content. Lmao I like alot of your content but this ain't it chief.

  4. This is a little off topic. Well, completely off topic. But…. Is anyone else still hella let down that Matt Dillahunty turned out to be a worthless loser of a moron?

    That still gets me down sometimes.

  5. The bar is so low for this man its incredible. Hey he didnt interrupt and scream like a madman the whole time. "He stomped Biden". Forget the fact that nearly everything he said was a lie.

  6. Very strong debate presence from Trump. My vote for President matters just as much in the Electoral College as Actual Justice Warrior's, so I will still be voting for Jo Jorgensen. I think all those outside of a Swing/Purple State should consider the Libertarian Party or other 3rd parties this election. I was very impressed by the Libertarian candidate's (Jorgensen's) Town Hall with Matt Welch from Reason magazine a week ago. Here's a link for those interested:

    She also just did one yesterday. I have not watched it yet, but here is the link for those political junkies who want more social and economic liberty than either major party ever gives:

  7. Part of Trump’s control of over the debate is due to the fact that he didn’t have a moderator that was constantly trying to argue with him. When the candidates asked to respond, she elected to have them briefly respond. Trump didn’t have to keep pushing the issue and combating with the moderator to get a counter point in contrary to the debate with Chris Wallace.

  8. “He told the poor boys to stand down and stand ready. Cmon man this guy dog whistles louder than a fog horn” is exactly what I would expect my grandpa with dementia to say.

  9. I was very critical of Trump's first performance, so I feel obligated to state how great of a performance the President gave on this latest debate. Biden was simply tired, deflated, uninspiring, and Un-Presidential. Trump, on the other hand, was exactly the Commander in Chief that he has the potential of being at all times. I can't imagine anyone listening to Biden and watching this performance versus Trump and honestly thinking Biden performed better. Trump is far and away the better candidate of the two.