Trump SUES To BLOCK Joe Biden Victory In Pennsylvania, Trump Could Win In INSANE Longshot Legal Win

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  1. You're missing something Tim. Under Pennsylvania law no mail in ballots can be counted that are received after 8 pm on election day. The Trump campaign is claiming that by the Supreme Court of PA ruling that they can receive ballots after election day, they violated the Constitution of the USA which specifically states that Judges cannot make law. Pennsylvania cannot certify their count because the SCOTUS ordered them to keep the ballots received after 8 pm on election day separate and not to be counted with the other ballots. If PA did not do this then SCOTUS could rule that all ballots counted after a certain time, say midnight, are invalid.

  2. you cant say this is trump trying to steal the election when he didnt even want mail in voting in the first place.. and that would have avoided this whole fucking problem

  3. It’s not just that they were not allowed observation Into counting the vote, but to are forgetting an important factor. Trump was on route to win. 5 states the stop counting for three and a half hours.
    In Africa we know – if you stop counting – then we know something is fishy. What are you planning???
    The reasonable man test at least in the 3rd world where I live; is that this election needs a re-do With international observers.

  4. Tim you can't overturn an election that hasn't been decided. Your acting like it will be worse to give the election to the candidate that truly won. Instead of giving the election to the candidate who's party cheated and lied and honestly didn't win. We have to do what's right despite how either side may feel about the outcome.

  5. All very well TIM but if TRUMP is overturned by crooked elections it will fire up the REPUBLICANS , PERHAPS EVEN MORE THAN THE democrats! THIS MAY AT LAST AROUSE trumpians TO RISE UP AGAINST THE TOTALLY CORRUPT ANTIFA supporting mob who represent the left of the DEMOCRATS !

  6. Tim asked what to do with ballots where the vote counting was not properly supervised. He does not like the idea of those ballots being wasted.
    My answer is, at what point did the Democrats in charge make sure that all of the rules were observed. They did not, but that does not make those questionable ballots legal.
    If you have to cheat in the vote counting in order to win, then you do not deserve the win.

  7. Tim is in a cognitive dissonance phase. He is afraid and expressing conflict avoidance behavior. If he looked at his own videos he would see everything he needs to know the consequences of Biden winning. He has called Democrats insane many, many times. The people who organize them are not insane at all. They are evil. Tim needs to sit down and think about whether freedom or his life has more value.

  8. I think Trump should definitely have the votes thrown out! There's lists being compiled by the dems to have republicans named and shamed. Also putting them on credit score systems that will have republicans fired and all sorts. That's openly being done! The safety 71,000,000 republicans is under threat! Trump has a duty of care to take this as far as necessary! Don't be fooled into thinking that the list will stop at republicans either! If you have any job that they deem environment unfriendly or you've ever been an employer or wealthy! I know this will happen, I know leftists who believe in such a thing! Save America Trump 2020!!!!

  9. "Trump would have to throw out so many legal votes to win!"
    Feels bad for all those legal votes that might get tossed because the people responsible for counting have delegitimized them by disregarding law and order. But then, that would be the state office's fault for making such a gross error.

  10. At the end if the day we are past being able to unite on this one. On side is going to feel like the election was stolen. At that point may as well continue to fight for your candidate. I would like to see an answer that proves me wrong, but I cant think off it.

  11. The house delegations giving it to Trump isn’t necessarily a given just cause the GOP has the numbers… it’s only by a few and you better believe Soros will be trying to flip some of them

  12. The Dominion based 6000 vote "glitch" alone should force audits of all states that used that software, and that's before you consider sworn testimony of election observer law violations AND the video taped celebration of republican ballot count watchers being kicked out.

    This election was DIRTY.