Trump Suggests Delaying The Election Causing Democrats To Freak Out, But Technically Trump COULD

Trump Suggests Delaying The Election Causing Democrats To Freak Out, But Technically Trump COULD. Democrats reacted one of two ways to Trump’s tweet.

They either panicked and said that Trump is a dictator trying to seize power or they laughed and said Trump was desperate.

But many news outlets are arguing, without evidence, that there is no evidence that mail in voting would create problems and that Trump does not have the power to delay and election.

The reality is that under Directive 51 Trump could potentially have this power and it has been raised several times in the past. Created by Roger W Bush leftists were shocked by the brazen powers granted to the president in certain events.

But once Obama got elected no one seemed to care that this power existed. Now that Trump is president perhaps they might start to regret ignoring the directive for so long.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Again Tim it’s President Trump not Donald Trump or Trump, it President Trump, start giving him the title he’s more then earned. One thing we learned in the military is you don’t have to respect the man but you better respect the rank. Just saying he’s earned that title now start using it

  2. Gee, what if we postpone the election? Then all the simpletons fall in line to declare that it can't and shouldn't be done. So then what happens to the millions of votes that don't make it in on time? Kind of locked themselves in did the democrats.

  3. Love your work Tim!! Keep up the great work, love how unbiased and fair you are. I hope YouTube compensates you properly for your work, even though I know that’s not why you’re doing this, but it’d be nice to know that you’re not giving up a lot of money by not working for a biased MSM outlet to do the right thing

  4. I mean he just "asked a question" thats a pretty important question. we should take what the president says seriously. i will agree mail in ballots have a lot of concerns that go along with them. But to just say trump was only asking a question is kind of down playing the situation. Its a very important/ serious question he is asking.

  5. I'm ok with delaying this until covid is over. If the communazis (sjws/far left) want the wu to last for 10 years then we'll have trump for 10 years.

  6. At 10:40, you mentioned that the date of our election was set in 1845.
    Well, even though I identify as a Conservative, my Demoncrap is showing because it occurs to me, this was 20 years prior to the end of slavery in 1865, sooooooo…

  7. As if the dems didnt look like fucking clowns enough im actually going to be happy if he does so they have more time to dig the hole deeper and deeper

  8. Here's a thought: Trump's lies are no more than little exaggerations. If I asked you how long do LED light bulbs last. Most people will say, LED lights last forever. Now that is a figurative forever but, in the case for the media and Trump it's a lie. LEDs should last 10 to 15 years on a 3-hour day time scale. I mean s*** the half-life of carbon-14 is 5700 years. And no one says forever. Why because I know it's thousands. But light bulbs do have a consistent lifespan so it's just easier to say forever. My point is lying's bad, but do you really think God is going to hold that one over us? Let me know your thoughts…

    Thanks Thoughts Today

  9. I’m so thankful that Trump has set the president of floating ideas to the public to hear their thoughts on the matter. I don’t care if the idea is wrong headed, it doesn’t matter.

  10. Oh please, AZ has had mail in voting for many years with republicans still winning. Why haven't they had all of this voter fraud? In person voting has issues too; does that mean people shouldn't vote in person? I strongly dislike both parties, and I plan to vote 3rd party. If Trump starts messing around with elections then I will have to join politicians I don't care for to get him out.

  11. My thought is he did this because he wants them to come out against it. First this preempts their attempts to do so and try to garner more ill will from the riots and covid and second will force them to admit you actually aren't that unsafe and start lifting the idiotic restrictions

  12. Tim Pool might be one of the worst commentators, he spins every story possible in favour of Trump somehow, like imagine if Obama said he would delay the election, do you think he would run the story the same way?

  13. But who will gain is mail in voting is flawed?

    I think the democrats will suffer so why are they bitching? Dont they like fair elections?

  14. Why cant you cast your vote early?

    In the failed state of Sweden you can vote before election day
    Early voting begins 18 days before election day. It is each municipality that decides which premises should have early voting. The electoral authority produces maps and addresses for all polling stations and premises for early voting.

    The votes are being is sealed and locked in an ordernary election strong box or what the hell you call it

    What do I need to vote early?
    Bring your ID document and voting card

    Mail in voting is just for citizens abroad

  15. I thoroughly enjoy how Trump didn't do enough about COVID, yet he doesn't have the power to do many things they supposedly wanted him to do (which is literally anything he didn't do until he did it, then they flip). Then they think he can't delay an election.

  16. Demorats plan to delay the election. If the election doesn't happen the Speaker of the House assumes power. This is their latest coup attempt after their last coup attempt failed.

    Trump: "Maybe we'll delay the election?"

    NPCs: (OrangeMadBad = OrangeManBad*(-1); ) ORANGE MAN BAD, WE WANT AN ELECTION!

    Demorats: Nooooooo you foolish golems!

  17. Trumps tweets are like dropping an M80 on a pole of garbage to see rats flee from the pile.
    In short , trying to see DemonRats react.
    Suggest is one thing, carrying out is another.
    I say we all show up at the booth. What is to hide.
    I vote in person all the time.

    Mail in vote invites fraud period.

    Vote in person.

  18. Yep. Bush set up the situation we are facing. And we might have to thank God for it or depending on how the Dems and their militant arms of the Antifa and BLM react we may be facing a literal and physical Civil War. It is inevitable that we will be plunged right back into it. It is too bad that the churches have been taken over by the apostate church and that the Gospel is in very rare supply today. We need a whole lot more of Jesus and a lot less sinful striving. We are the powerless, born powerless, raised into powerless adulthood, dying powerless to face a powerful God who will without opposition enact justice.