Trump supporter in Wisconsin reacts to Trump’s visit

Dan in Marinette, WI, along with his dog “Red,” reacts to Trump’s visit on June 25, 2020 and discusses other issues. This was reputed to be the first time a sitting president has visited Marinette.

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. there might be a few people who are genuinely interested in what the other side says, for the sake of improving their own arguments or when they feel especially magnanimous (i.e. when they are winning)

  2. Who would've thought that talking to regular people would be so important, exciting and ground breaking.? Thank God you left your apartment.

  3. Michael Tracy is old school journalism, not partisan shilling like the majority report, the young Turks, Daily Wire etc This kind of thing is showing the humanity of people not reducing then to political cardboard cutouts.

  4. Q: "Is Marinette pro Trump?" A: "Yeah most of N. Wisconsin is conservative …." "No I asked are they pro Trump? That is are they subtly bigoted and narrow minded, seeking a sugar daddy and envious of rich men, never read any serious books and watch tons of TV?" "Oh, yes."

  5. Q: What scientific reason do you have to be against wearing a mask? A: It's hot.
    Q: Have you ever, considering it is hot, thought of coming down to at least below obese levels of overweight? A: I'm overweight?

  6. So he's good at his job, is hard working and loves his country, and yet the mainstream media would have us believe that he is deplorable / irredeemably evil.

  7. Even the most oafish looking Trump supporter is still articulate hard working honest and reasonable. Good contrast to all the zombie BLM Antifa Biden followers.

  8. That elderly couple was so happy to just get to see Trump wave from his window. This country isn’t divided, the media is presenting the illusion that the country is divided.

  9. Interview with an average American with Maga somewhere in the street. He seems lovely and honest. No cuts, not trying to make him look like a bad, dishonest person.
    Mr. Tracey thank you for your work. ?

  10. This reminds me of my dad any many working class whites in manufacturing. All they want to talk about it is fucking work. Backbone of these rural counties.

  11. Michael Tracey one of the few journalists today not afraid to talk to working class people. Most of the upper middle class journalism school grads are terrified of these people and feel superior to them.

  12. I like that you are doing these interviews. But I think you need to engage these people on the issues you talk about here and on Twitter. What did he think of Russia gate? Trump's response to Charlottesville? and so forth. And then the other way around: let's hear Twitter progressives talk of the mundane day to day of their day jobs.

  13. these are apparently the racists and bogots of america. soft spoken, love for country and partiotism dripping out of them. the great liberals crying and scowling and attacking everything in sight are the real awesome people. what a strange time.

  14. "I think a lot of them benefit from tax breaks and bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States" Does this guy know anything about Trump? 93,000 jobs outsourced in his first year alone. Tax breaks are for 10 years unless you make $70k and up. There is a sunset clause for most of us. I know Michael's channel is full of Trump humpers, but don't think for a second I support Biden. I don't want either one of those rapist, war criminal, corporate stooge, pieces of shit.

  15. The couple’s reaction was exactly how I felt when I saw Trump at a rally in 2016. I was so excited and happy! I went by myself because I don’t have any Trump friends. I had fun and sat between some nice guys. I didn’t feel lonely or scared.