Trump Supporters Plan MASSIVE Protest In DC During Electoral Vote Count, I Plan On Being There LIVE

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  1. I'm sorry, but protesting is stupid at this point. Politicians don't give a shit if the people are unhappy when they people don't have a vote anymore! Do you really think they care about people screaming up in their ivory towers when the people have no ability to remove them anymore? Asking a tyrannical government to stop being tyrannical will never work.

  2. Tim: "You can talk about Biden having 7 million more votes and 300+ Electoral Votes, versus Trump's 232, but it comes down to 11 votes in Congress."

    Me: "The last time I checked, 6 States sent Dueling Electors, which means neither candidate has 270 Electoral Votes or both do. The Federal and State Constitutions support Trump's Claim. Passed Laws support Biden's Claim. Trump Supporters are fighting to maintain the absolute authority of the Constitution, even threatening to Secede and form their own Union, or effectively kicking Lawless States from the Union."

    This will not end on January 6th or 20th, this will continue until a resolution is met and the Courts address the Blatant Fraud committed by the Democrats in the 2020 Election.

  3. He should “lie”. Trump, and every supporter should lie their asses off and tell everyone that the election is his, and everyone who disagrees is a conspiracy theorist.

  4. hey tim your symbol logo thing on the home page of this channel looks like if a boo from mario was flying straight at you in first person mode, this would be the first look at it seems they hide when you are facing them, who else sees that in the logo?

  5. There just gonna release covid 20. Then when everyone recovers from that and starts protesting in a few weeks they will release covid 2021 and by then most of these protestors will be debilitated. It's easy for them to spread these sicknesses when all the people there targeting wanna get together. That's what makes me think trump is just another stooge just like biden.

  6. The military needs to side with trump but will not because they are cowards.

    Trump won he is the true president and it's the military's job to protect America and it's people.

  7. The precedent changed, peaceful will be ignored. Just copy what they did. Burn it down and attack them but do it with dedicated Americans not weak juveniles and the mentally ill

  8. Tim there is plenty of money to "fix" the pipes in Flin and other issues in our infrastructure. The problem is corrupt politicians steal the money and funnel into their own pockets. So in the end the only way to fix the system is to ”fix” the problems in the system.