Trump To Attend PA Hearing On Election Irregularities And Fraud, The “Dark Winter” Is Coming

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  1. For anyone who claims there is no evidence, if you watch the Pennsylvania hearing today. There can be no doubt that fraud was incredible in this election. RSBN, has televised this entire thing, and it is disgusting what happened during this election.

  2. The issue isnt feckless leaders its a brain ded population that keeps promoting them to power. Current day Americans dont want real leadership they want tv leadership

  3. Your take in Trump not being on the ticket is completely backwards. Trump’s rampant unpopularity with voters caused numerous Republicans (especially in swingy suburbs) to sit out the 2018 elections and it cost the Republicans the House. He didn’t learn and he continued alienating and bothering voters nonstop for the next two years, shafted stimulus discussions and cruised to re-election defeat.

  4. I know you stay informed & I really hope you watched the "Hotel Gathering" today!! I think it may sway you back on the actual possibilities for President Trump. Just sayin'! Keep up the GR8 work! Appreciate your openminded view!

  5. Tim, there was lots of stellar testimony about election fraud presented. I’m from Pa. and I listened to the entire hearing, and there was so much corruption that I want the Pennsylvania presidential election thrown out and the appointment of electors given to our legislature. It’s the only way we the people get a voice!

  6. If Democrats take the senate, this country is over. I can't imagine red states will put up with the Communist tyranny the Democrats will try to push. I can easily see them just seceding from the union full stop.

  7. President Trump was very clear when he called in during the PA hearing.
    "We aren't talking about 4 years from now, the democrats cheated and they lost the election"
    More votes counted then voters in the state and this will not stand and Donald Trump and his supporters will not stand for it. Not one step back.