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Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017).

He has been featured on Fox News, the History Channel, E! Entertainment, the Drudge Report, and news outlets around the world.

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I'm Mark Dice and I enjoy laughing at liberal lunatics, exposing celebrity scum, and debunking the fake news industrial complex. You have found the BEST CONSERVATIVE CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE. If you're on the Trump Train, you'll love my channel where every day we will enjoy mocking the mainstream media and exposing the liberal agenda while we defend the Constitution and Make America Great Again! This channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and more than 300 million views, and Mark Dice's viral videos have been mentioned on the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the Washington Times, and other media outlets around the world. Subscribe now! Click the to turn on notifications, and I'll see you soon! New videos Monday through Friday.


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  1. Trump should be the next Speaker of the house and Desantis should avenge him as the next President and a start fbi raids on all democrats one by one

  2. The Democrats are INSANE … they have corrupted the FBI & DoJ to use as their personal hit squad … time for the FBI and DoJ to be disbanded and new body created to purge the corrupt people leading these organisations !

  3. The FBI has officially become the new Gestapo (as if it already wasn't). If Republicans ever take back control of the House and Senate, then they need to abolish them. But because I believe in the Biblical End Times, I don't think that's going to happen, as this country, as well as the rest of the world, would have to fall under a one-world dictatorship of the Antichrist before the 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, and 7 Bowls of Wrath can commence.

  4. Fbi are not trustworthy. That should be the absolute be all and end all. They have had hunters laptop loaded with cp and incriminating content. They have elected not to enforce the law. They should be disbanded and prosecuted.

  5. The fact the FBI invaded his house for no reason gives me more reason to believe the election was fraudulent. The government has gotten to big. Do u really think Trump would flush documents down the toilet, who's running this show, Smollette?

  6. It's all a PSYOP! Everyone on TV and on the World stage is working for the satanic New World Order. Trump is the the 7th King in the bible's 8 King prophecy, the 7th King returns for a short while, and his short lived return signals the 8th King/Anti-Christ Obama's return….

  7. The enemy within and without is destroying themselves. This was possibly their biggest blunder yet and a clear sign of their panic to stop President Trump at all cost. They have dug their own grave, guaranteed the fall of the Deep State, and the restoration of the Republic. God bless America!

  8. I know the cult of trump is scared he will be charged with a crime, but fear not, if Hillary Clinton wasn’t charged with crime when she actual did commit a crime why would a multi billionaire autocrat like trump be brought up on charges?

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