Trump to Declare Antifa a Terrorist Organization: My Thoughts

I’d prefer to just label them a gang of mental deficients.

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  1. "We have a decentralized power structure, therefore we can't be held accountable for our actions in any way!" Just like breadtubers claiming there's no such thing as an SJW

  2. You’re totally wrong on this one. Antifa is a criminal violent organization. There is no freedom of association with them anymore than there would be with ISIS. The fact that they’re not as bad doesn’t matter. When they threaten to go to the suburbs or kill cops…it’s a terrorist organization. If Trump doesn’t put at least a dozen of their leaders and supporters in prison he’s not doing his job.

  3. Have you ever looked into the similarities between Antifa and the Weather Underground Organization? The movements are almost identical and i would suggest the founders of WUO more than likely are also the founders of Antifa.
    From a WUO document: "The most important task for us toward making the revolution, and the work our collectives should engage in, is the creation of a mass revolutionary movement, without which a clandestine revolutionary party will be impossible. A revolutionary mass movement is different from the traditional revisionist mass base of "sympathizers". Rather it is akin to the Red Guard in China, based on the full participation and involvement of masses of people in the practice of making revolution; a movement with a full willingness to participate in the violent and illegal struggle"

  4. You're all over the place Styx. You're even close to sounding like an antifa apologist. You say the government shouldn't be able to declare a group a terrorist organization, yet who does if not by legit government military intelligence? You want the funding cut to them, you got to get the top brass. You want to get them legit, they need to be legally labeled.

  5. I've been tracking the politics, Q, Antifa and Cervesa Demonthing for awhile. A lot of info to absorb and the descern the truth..The idea ccx ame to me to check you out. As I havent in a while and was curious what your perspective was…You Styx, are a brilliant guy.. I appreciate your intelligent and piercing lens. You don't seem to ever miss a beat dark Sir
    Keep it up!

  6. Just to comment on this part:
    "Let's say someone in Antifa has never done anything violent. They're not part of that. They just want to wear the uniform."
    Let's use a different uniform as an example: "Let's ay someone joins the Nazi party, but they personally have never done anything violent. They're not fanatical, but they still believe in the same things (which is why they joined in the first place). And they like to wear the uniform."
    Would they still be held accountable if the rest of their organization were committing acts of violence and vandalism? Yes. Yes they would.
    Also, remember that "terrorism" does not always mean "murdering people". Terrorism is the use of violence or threats of violence, to attempt to change political policy. Smashing businesses, firebombing cars, and yes, attacking people in the streets is definitely terrorist activity. Especially since the overwhelming majority of people they target are civilians.
    Antifa are terrorists. To try and rationalize it away or argue that they're "not REALLY terrorists…" is just semantics. They use violence and threats of violence, primarily against civilians, in an attempt to force changes to government policies. Terrorists.

  7. "they want artificial monopolies and that requires more centralized government, it requires socialism". YES! That's what all the well meaning young socialists don't get.

  8. pretending the government doesn't have overreach whenever they call something a terrorist doesn't mean they don't have that power, sweeping it under the rug just means they can pull it out again later, on the other hand picking the left's favorite terrorist group to use those abuses on is Trump playing more chess

  9. There are many states and counties that will willfully stop their law enforcement from going after ANTIFA… But they may also do so if they’re declared a terrorist organization.

  10. Styxhenhammer that is funny a mainly Blue State Declared Antifa a Terrorist Organization. You are Correct about Antifa's Revolutionary Communist Marxist Socialist goals as an organization. They think they must tear down America to turn it into a Marxist State through revolution. Some would attempt to copy the Leninists and Stalinist Marxists. Some talk of killing Whites as the Anglo Saxon Capitalist Class. Whites are the Scapgoat for their attempted Revolution.

  11. Antifa are scum.
    They label everyone they don't like with the most vile vitriol they can belch out.
    Labeling them as terrorists is exactly what they deserve.
    To hell with them!

  12. No, I'm sorry, gonna have to disagree with you here. Antifa are absolutely terrorists.

    They have expressed NUMEROUS times their intent to cause physical, bodily harm to those they deem "fascist." (Which is pretty much anybody who doesn't agree with them). Not only expressing, they HAVE inflicted serious injuries to MANY innocent bystanders, more often than not having them sent to the emergency room due to the severity of their injuries. Remember, this is the same group that smashed some random person's head in with a bike lock, fracturing his skull. That man could have easily been killed or have suffered permanent brain damage. They regularly state that "Nazis" (once again, a term they apply to _everybody who disagrees with them) have no rights, are subhuman, and deserve to be sent to gulags and death camps. These people have absolutely every intention of committing acts of terror, and have done so multiple times.

    So, yes, label them terrorists. That's what they are. And if you're the sort of person who aligns yourself with a group that has been publicly recorded attempting murder, then yeah, you should be considered suspect as well.

    Fuck Antifa, fuck everybody who voluntarily joins up with them, and fuck everybody who even has a shred of sympathy for these wannabe revolutionary LARPing asshats.

  13. A Portland, OR conservative infiltrated an ANTI/FA cell. Carrying a backpack filled with Trump/Pence 2020 bumper stickers, he waited until the group dispersed into the crowd of protestors, and then used his stickers to cover the Bernie and Biden stickers on their cars. At some point during the day a group of protestors visited the parking lot, so when the ANTI/FA members returned they found that what they had done to others had been done to their cars as well!

  14. They use violence for political ends. They are by definition terrorists. If your part of al queda and never shot anyone in the name of the cause you are still part of a terrorist organization. Claiming "but I was the accountant doesn't excuse you from being an accessory to political violence, aka terrorism.

    And tell those people beaten nearly to death in portland over the past 3 years that they never have intended to harm individuals. They showed up numerous times specifically to hurt people who had different political opinions.

  15. @styxhexenhammer666 In reference to your idea that ANTIFA should be classified as a gang instead of a terror organization, with the benefit of being able to be handled at a state level because of this:

    Styx, that's part of the problem. The states are involved in the chaos, you're dancing around and perhaps even echoing these same words in your recent videos. The state governments are complicit. Trump has allowed (rightfully so) the states to handle their problems individually. The People are being led to see who they choose to put in power handles power. In regard to leftist strongholds, LIKE THE TYRANTS THAT THEY ARE.

    I hold the position that if they were classified as a gang, they would be handled as well as those states have handled their gang problems. Being classified as a terrorist organization allows Federal units (while I agree, not NORMALLY ideal) the ability to destroy a Bolshevik OPEN coup attempt on US soil. This is exactly what the crooked CIA does to other countries, historically.

  16. Styx I'm not buying that you say Antifa is not violent. Every time they show up somebody get hurt. They take clubs, knives, bike locks, pepper spray and sucker punches to every event they participate in. In my estimation they are a VIOLENT organizationg, period.

  17. It's also funny how the left constantly switches between "don't blame the whole group, it's just a specific sub group, we can throw around blanket terms" and then when it fits it's "everyone in this group is to be held responsible".
    Reminds me of the behavior of a small yet quite politically active ethnic group in America…

  18. I don't like antifa but when the government starts labeling political factions terrorist organizations it's not a good sign. What if a libertarian organization was labeled a terrorist organization? Remember Trumps tweet about pushing Massie out of the Republican party because he wanted to hold congress accountable for the Cares Act? Track tracing funds are being used from the Cares Act.

  19. Couldn’t disagree with you more. Yes, they use some tactics that are comparable with gangs but when you add the ideological component targeting the state and the federal government in addition to private citizens- you have a terrorist organization. This just becomes one big, dumb semantic argument. Trump declaring them a terrorist organization is overdue in my opinion.