Trump Townhall PROVES Journalism is Dead, “Journalist” Yelled At Trump Nearly The ENTIRE Time

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  1. Did anyone think when trump challenged the swamp that the swamp wasn't gonna fight back? That is what we are witnessing. Just have to get through to solid ground.

  2. She was rude, inconsiderate and instead of being a journalist asking questions appears to be making statements as she is running for presidential elections.

  3. You’re a person to listen to that’s strictly opposed to violence. It would be in the best interest of everyone to funnel the disenfranchised and dismayed through you to prevent full radicalization.

  4. My step dad takes Rob O'neill hunting. he lives here in Montana. got all kinds of pictures of him and my step dad with their elk. lol.. we knew he was the guy before it was announced

  5. The problem with extremists is they view everything as being extreme.
    A nodding woman behind Trump; rather than the simple answer: she agrees with the president, it’s mentally conditioning people. The extreme possibility rather than the more moderately plausible one.