Trump Tries AGAIN To Bring Troops Home, Media SCREECHES

In a totally precedented move, the media, long the nominal enemy of foreign wars, has taken up a campaign against the Trump administration’s desire to remove American troops from unnecessary foreign military entanglements. Conversation about American foreign involvement turns naturally to patriotism.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. ?The reason people are so confused is the media propaganda makes it out as if the president is a dictator or a king.
    ?When actuality it's Congress who has more power as a whole than the president, except in WAR & Immigration.
    Even then they make Immigration law & control the purse-strings when it comes to WAR

    #FYI How did the Vietnam WAR in Congress Voted to Quit funding it?

  2. When you ask the Left is the US?? the greatest country in the world can you name a better one there go to is always the small Nordic countries that they don't realize only exist in part because of the US??
    They're pro open borders because they care so much about the rest of the world not realizing the effect it has on the American economy & wages but also not realizing that American taxpayers actually pay for the defense of these Nordic countries who can then invest in their social safety net unproportionally because if the US?? did not exist they would have to try to defend themselves against their neighbors like Russia??

  3. The Left has no founding principles
    Take in consideration all these memorials they're painting for George Floyd asked them whyit is to call attention to what happened to him it's not praising him for his long criminal rap sheet is it?
    But at the same time they're tearing down statues not because of what they represent but because of the bad things those people did in their lives when looked at through WOKE 2020 Vision

  4. The fact that American companies are coming back to USA for manufacturing and servicing… that we need American labor to do the jobs. Cannot have these young people as hiring soldiers to die for other nations. We don't want to let our young people living with folks that don't like our culture and traditions. President Trump, let them come home help building this nation to be better.

  5. The media loves to use soldiers against foreign citizens and cities, but it HATES the idea of using US soldiers to PROTECT American citizens. This is a fact. Proven 100%. Even soldiers are agreeing with this. They do NOT want to protect you here at home. They are literally saying it.

  6. Journalism is dead a long time ago the only real journalism i know who do on the ground investigation even if they ave to hire body gards and layer to do so is Project Veritas and the Rebel media

  7. I'm confused, why bother having that girl on when you basically ignore her and hardly show her face? Every time I see one of your videos she's just this ghostly voice in the background that says a word or two here and there.

  8. Trump: Water is good
    Media: Trump Supports Drowning
    Trump: Food is good
    Media: Trump Supports Food Poisoning
    Trump: Air is Good
    Media: Trump Supports Tornados and Hurricanes