Trump Vs. Biden: Joe Would Not SURVIVE 1 Second Under The Same Pressure! The Media Is CORRUPT.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. The Media covers up all the great accomplishments Trump made with peace deals and manufacturing with other countries, while Biden goes back to shoveling dirt on American workers like Obama did.
    Biden has the world laughing at US. #TrumpWon2020

  2. Sign from a Guatemalan, “Trump won”. That sign speaks for the world’s view on Sleepy Dementia Joe. The G7 Summit leaders knows this and will leverage to their advantage

  3. hehe, this is low hanging fruit. Anyone who doesn't see the obvious likely is also wearing the facial badge of compliance while jogging in an empty park on a sunny day.

  4. "european leaders healing from deep scars", of course because our leaders here in the EU have no backbone, they are all friends of each other and they choose who becomes what, the people do not choose in the european parliament it is the politicians, had the people choose then there were other leaders, the common people thought Trump was much better than creepy joe

  5. Biden represents alot of America, weak minded, criminal, cowardly, two faced, people who could never think of standing up to the system or their boss for themselves. They go through life making excuses letting everyone else fight their battles.

  6. 🤫, Biden doesn't want The TAXPAYERS" To know it's Costing them est $100 Million Per Day, To take care of Illegals…… Pathetic Illegitimate jo harris

  7. By stealing the election the Democrats have created not just DISCORS but a world crisis. It's worst than a B movie. People that voted for Biden. ARE YOU PROUD? NOW YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU DONE TO YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR CHILDREN??

  8. What I don't understand is why people from the black caucus except a black conservative even though we know now the Democrats gave birth to the KKK by the way I'm Mexican Indian and Irish and I have black friends and relatives which is great but I'm just making a point

  9. I live inAustralia – unfortunately in the United Soviet Socialist Republic of Victoria. However I subscribe to your channel as I’m interested in American politics and am a Trump supporter. The only thing more disgusting than the Democratics is the reporting by the mms, particularly on Biden. Anyone wanting to see true reporting should watch Sky News Australia, particularly the ‘Outsiders’ on Sunday, who have many American correspondents telling the truth, without censorship. And no, I am not affiliated in any way – just a retired white male, with too much time on his hands