Trump vs China: The Fight for Control of TikTok

China’s TikTok app is a national security threat. Trump wants to either ban TikTok or get a US company to buy TikTok. It looks like a deal between Walmart and Oracle may happen. But China is fighting back, and Tiktok’s parent company ByteDance may not sell. It also comes as a federal judge blocks Trump’s WeChat ban.

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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. Trump Is a National security Threat ! Your Biz model Be afraid of CCP is sorta stupid with Trump being a Dictator right here right Now ! WHO CARES ABOUT TIKTOK with Facist Trump starting End Times

  2. Do you know I don’t give a rats patoot about what the CCP wants. If they can’t compromise then get rid of it. People will get over it “Boo Hoo” Hey US, Make one of your own. The US started this race must be some really good techs out there waiting for a chance. How about giving them a chance and finishing it. Let China go bite itself in a place that is hard to reach. Love from me to you from Oz. ?

  3. If China will ever approve a deal with the United States assume that the deal will be for CCP's win win and America will incur lose lose and nothing else all for the destruction of America. From its inception the CCP had wrote off America as its one day rival but instead had reserved America's role as PRC's foremost slave nation. That's what you are seeing. That's what is happening. It owns America's capital and owns America's corporate elites. These elites are scared to anger China. Or else China will divulged the secret that all international banks and all these biggest banks of America have no more cash as they were all siphoned off by the Peoples Republic of China.

  4. Why American investors own 40% of Byte dance ? Cause this is capitalism and bloody free Market economy you and your country kept fuxkin preachins for a bloody century and turned fuckin mental and protective once you found serious competition from China ! Have you ever considered this ? Do you really think by talking in a sarcastic manner and keep repeating ( Chinese Communist party ) We won't get what is really going on here ? It has nothing to do with Fuckin national security and spying and all this BS . America is fucking losing in their own game and acting like a bad loser and a bully . That's how the rest of the world sees you in case you couldn't notice idiot .

  5. US market turn into slaughterhouse for Chinese firm?? nice one. India also ban so many app from China that really great and bold action towards country security.

  6. Nothing to spy any more China already know how to make Nuke's and the rest they know what goes on in the White house so big deal. Then bans KFC and Maccas it's just a tit for tat, no intimidation that is what China will say.

  7. It's so unfair that YouTube is demonitizing all of your videos because you tell us the truth about one shameless person. The screens, where we are supposed to see your ads just go blank making you look like a fool saying welcome back. Really a pitiful scene considering your efforts.

  8. Just ban the damn thing completely, Facebook or Google will be quick to introduce a copycat all the zoomers will move on to that WON'T have all the national security threats TikTok has.

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