Trump Was Right about Hydroxychloroquine

Written by Adamcast IRL


  1. I searched the AMA website and couldn't find this reversal. All the articles say it can be used for malaria, lupus and I think rheumatoid arthritis but not the rona. It's really confusing to read through the website and for folks who don't understand medical terms could possibly have misunderstood their articles? Anyway, at first glance it looks like they reversed their decision, but when you read further, it doesn't look like that's the case. I don't know. Maybe someone on here who is a medical doctor can read through the articles on the AMA website regarding this drug for covid-19?

  2. I have heard from so many people who either got better from HCQ (very quickly I might add, noticed a difference hours after taking it), or took it to prevent covid when their families got sick & were able to dodge the bullet.

    My ex takes HCQ for RA, but he ended up getting covid anyway, so I'm thinking that maybe his dose was just not effective enough, or you absolutely must have zinc & Zithromax too even as a prophylaxis, or it just doesn't work for everyone. He also had a rough time, still having a rough time 7 weeks later unfortunately. Without steroids he can't breathe very well. They took him off HCQ to put him on remdesivir. According to the FDA, you cannot use both of those drugs together because HCQ makes remdesivir less effective (so they say, always have to be skeptical).

    There were a ton of people who were mocking Trump because he wasn't given HCQ when he had covid. That made me think hey, maybe you can't have both together? I found a press release on the FDA website about it. So of course they are still "if it works so well … why didn't he take it?". I think remdesivir is just a more aggressive treatment, they needed him to get better quickly. Maybe his doctors at Walter Reed don't use HCQ. Some doctors will prescribe it, others won't because of all the bad press. I've heard doctors have been threatened with their license if caught prescribing it in some States for covid (I hope that's not true). The way HCQ was politicized makes me very angry, to the extent they showed us bunk "studies", lied about the drug being dangerous – it's safer than Tylenol for Pete's sake. It's so dangerous yet is sold over the counter in other countries, if you tell your doc you're going to Africa, they'll give you HCQ to prevent malaria, they don't even want you to wait until you need it, RA & Lupus patients take it daily.

    I said to the people who were mocking the Frontline doctors even though they had no degrees in medicine, you better hope & pray it doesn't really work otherwise there will be blood on your hands.

    Oh BTW, they say Ivermectin works great too. I just heard that the other day.

  3. He also said the vaccine would be out before end of year during the debate and the “moderator” kept trying to dispute that. Like somehow the President don’t have inside information that the media supposedly has. They should all be called out and face consequences for driving up devision against President Trump.

  4. The 1st President to give The People the cure and the people still went with the propagandist media and medical industry. This is why I am apathetic to society.