Trump Was RIGHT And Project Veritas Proved It, MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered In BOMBSHELL Report

Trump Was RIGHT And Project Veritas Proved It, MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered In BOMBSHELL Report. In a new breaking expose Veritas uncovers a voter fraud scheme that could swing entire elections.

A Republican operative has been exposed by James O’keefe and project Veritas harvesting ballots, changing senior citizens votes, and offering gifts.

On camera this woman is seen changing a Seniors vote from Republican to Democrat and then bragging about how she does this.

The actual motivation seems unclear. Why would a republican hire a woman to swing votes in favor of Joe Biden, MJ Hager, or Democrats? In the video she says that she tells them to vote Democrat except for the man she works for.

A Republican


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Tim i like your analisis and al but Biden admited it the other they that they created the most inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of america. Search for the video… So i dont think its a secret anymore

  2. Don't Worry, America. The evidence has been given to the FBI . . . which has locked it in the Crate with Biden's LAPTOP . . . and placed it in a VAULT . . . next to the ARK of the Covenant . . . where their TOP MEN are working on it. TOP . . . men . . .

  3. Do you mean RINO, REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY? Why would a normal Republican have her change from Republican to Democrat? Maybe I missed something, if I did will someone please let me know? Thanks ?

  4. Has anyone gone to Texas' secretary of state and/or Texas governor with this information especially if they have proof that this person is committing illegal acts??

  5. Here is the solution freeze CNN and msnbc and NBC news money , kick them out of America and threaten sanctions in country,s that host them if they continue to broadcast terrorist media. Same with Google youtube and Twitter and Facebook. Just go in seize the place .
    Take it all off them

  6. It's not like anything is going to change, there still going to get away with it. The wealthy always get away with illegal acts. The thing that surprises me every day is, so many people who live paycheck to paycheck go along with all the stupidity these wealthy corporations push on us. It's time to adopt the corporate laws prior to 1938!

  7. Regarding "Mom", that's weird to hear in San Antonio, but we're a majority Mexican city, and "Mamacita" (Little mom) is a colloquialism for attractive woman, so who knows?

  8. You have too big of an audience for the stupid shit you're peddling. It's a shame people listen to you. There is still no evidence of widespread voter fraud, chief. Don't you think that a right-wing "journalist" outlet would absolutely fake a huge story like this to sway people right before a pivotal election? Do better.

  9. If a Repblcn is fixing votes for the Dems THEN HIS A DUBBELAGENT he has infiltrated the Reps, and is working for the Dems. Prosecute him and lock him UP NOW. This is the BIG problem all countries got now days, all parties are infiltrated by commies… We need to seek em out.

  10. It’s not like they lack curiosity, but all are payed from top to bottom to ignore the news and disprove. USA is slowly becoming a 3rd world country, this is quite common in 3rd world countries. The swamp is extremely deep.

  11. Corruption doesn't have a political party flag… He might be dirty or waiting for a better deal from DEMs to his business… This is ??!!!

  12. If not for Project Veritas and Judicial Watch, and individual citizens coming forward, none of any of this would be known. The FBI, congress and the media are 100% useless.

    The FCC should be disbanded and anyone should be allowed to be a broadcaster.
    The FBI should be disbanded.
    Congress should have term limits and get turned over every 8 years.

  13. For someone to say they are a republican and have been swinging votes for democrats is just a democrat undercover as a republican., so if he gets caught and does go to jail, well guess what the republicans catches the heat from it because he lied.

  14. She’s probably hiding the fact she’s actually working for Democrats by working for a republican and swinging the state toward the democrat party. There’s so much disturbing things happening and we need to clean up our electoral process to stop the cheating that’s happening. It’s unacceptable how this is happening. We gotta stop the cheating.

  15. I think PV purposely reported a republican voter fraud story so that the media wouldn’t ignore it.

    So now if corporate media says this instance of voter fraud is valid, it’s opening the flood gates to all of the other instances PV will undoubtedly reveal.