Trump Wins Against Coronavirus, Tests Negative for Consecutive Days

He should donate plasma just for show:


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  1. Styx, you are the coolest man on the Internet, because you not only "get it", you get it all! You sum it all up, this big, fat mess of a world, so easily and clearly! You are a man who is worth his salt, Sir! Thank you for your great work! You've made a difference, a big difference, Sir!

  2. I heard that Trump never had corona, that the whole thing was a ploy so they could get the president to safety, following scuttlebutt about an assassination attempt on Trump's life. The reason he did not Tweet or do any kind of social media, is cos he had to be isolated AWAY from ALL manner of modern tech. The modern tech is all linked to some sinister tech straight out of a sci-fi horror movie, where some kind of "waves" (microwave or radioactive, whatever) are trasmitted via modern everyday devices, and the effect is devastating – heads exploding kind of devastating.

    I only just got wind of this theory so the details are fuzzy, but however you slice this shit pie, it's getting scarier and scarier, and we, the regular everyday people are gonna be fucked in ways your worst nightmares could not imagine.

    It involves "strong cities", along with concentration camps (already being consturcted if not completed) and tera gas to be used on cvivilians.
    It's going to make Auschwitz look like Children's Day at Disneyland. Trump or no Trump.

    The CDC and WHO are already admitting the Covid is just a flu and the whole "pandemic" thing was a scam. Well, they're probably not admitting the scam part in those sepcific words, but that's what it boils down to. They LIED. They finally admit the threat was NEVER that bad. It was all a distraction to prime us for the real threat that is coming. But now they have their agenda pushed through far enough along, that they do not have to hide that anymore. They can admit it, spin it, whatever. Now they're moving on to the next pack of lies. The endgame phase. Like Covid, it will be delivered by fear propaganda under the banner of "for the safety and wellness of all", so that all the stupid sheep are none the wiser, suspect nothing, and give full compliance to whatever they are told.

    The USA and Canada (where I am) are the latest to be added to the list of countries sold out to the UN for this "Great Reset" plot (in the works since at least 2013) that is not just about destroying the economy and creating the Orwellian nightmare of totalitarian control…. Many of us are NOT going to survive this AT ALL.

    I repeat : What's coming, is going to make Auschwitz look like Children's Day at Disneyland. The Holocaust will look like a holiday retreat.

    The ONLY thing that MIGHT save us all is absolute CIVILIAN DISOBEDIENCE. But even that is a Hail Mary at this point.

    Kiss your loved ones goodbye, folks. Our rights and freedoms are long gone.
    You… we… have until March 31, 2021.

  3. If Obama got corona, there would be candlelight vigils in every city, and calls for all the nation's top doctors to fly in to his aid. Trump gets it and people complain about him getting free Tylenol.

  4. I dont know anyone personally that's had covid a single time much less twice. Media just keeps pumping out these horrific numbers and doomsday outlooks but life around here has just been "normal" except for Walmart going communists for a week or two.

  5. Had some moron on another vid tell me that Trump didn’t test negative. I sent him multiple links to CNN and CBS, WSJ, and a dozen others saying precisely that. His head exploded while trying to spin it to Trump is somehow dying ? these people are demented.

  6. Styx, my dude, the polls are fake. Don't forget about the "Silent Majority." I've been told by some liberals that they're voting for Donald Trump for the first time.

  7. I got steroids last year and I couldn't believe how fast I got better. They are a fantastic as long as you follow directions. Too bad he foiled the Democrats again. Vote Red down the line!! I don't believe the polls, they are making it say what they want.