Trump WINS Debate, Liberals Resort To Lying About What He Said?

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Intro By: The Rivers Editor

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Written by No B.S.


  1. How about all those dumb tweets that said "Trump was dumb because he said Coyotes are bringing over illegal immigrants", they think Trump was talking about the actual Animal Coyote, so they called him Dumb. Lmao.

    Oh, and it was all blue checkmark people saying that. Its hilarious that they call Trump dumb. Because it's ironic. Lol

  2. I like this guy's videos and all, but what's up with him always playing girls doing makeup tutorials or whatever those are for the last 10-20 second or so of all his videos? Just curious.

  3. Democrats aren't the one saying Trump said "Good", these are just some people on Twitter. If you did your research, you would know factcheckers stated he said "go ahead" and not "good".

  4. Both lied. And then the next election the same thing will happen. Lying. Which is unfortunate. But people will do anything to get what they want. Even if people are hurt in the process. Sometimes I wonder to myself. What’s the point of voting. It makes no difference. And even if the person you want in as Prime Minister wins not much changes.

  5. One point you are wrong on is Americans supporting legal immigration. Most Americans I talked to are against all forms of immigration we are already a minority in our hometowns, so you either sell your home and pick up your roots and go elsewhere or you live with neighbors who despise you have no respect and go out of their way to be completely rude. I don't remember taking a vote on importing millions of third worlders not only do we not want them coming here we want the ones that are here already to be deported and take all their bulshit with them

  6. Everything the democrats and MSM says, i believe the opposite. We all know Trump won, and he's gonna prove it by winning BIG on the 3rd. RED WAVE!!!

  7. Not all kids crossing the border are crossing it with their parents. 500+ kids were either human trafficked or someone paid to have them sent to US for better health

  8. Try to walk across the border to Mexico and see how they treat illegal aliens in that country. They have permanent army installations and patrols on their southern border to keep out illegals coming in from Central America and specifically Guatemala. Mexican law allows anyone, private citizens and police alike, to arrest illegal aliens and turn them over to the authorities where you get thrown in jail immediately, then deported without trial. But to tell that to liberals, they will do their double speak and Biden dance, and say America should be better, all the while telling everyone that Mexico is better than America, and then saying we have some sort of Nazi program on illegal aliens.

  9. Dude, this video triggers me so badly…
    I mean it is really not THAT hard to get on top of that stone roof in Shifting Sand Land!

  10. Another thing which should've been brought up was the United States lifting sanctions on Iran during the Obama and Biden Administration. Not only was Iran furthering their uranium enrichment program but they were also working to weaponize it. They made our allies in the Middle East and the United States a little more unsafe.

  11. Ya the other hole in the immagration is that he is fine with immagration if it's done though the proper and legal channels. And they always say " these r ppl wishing to claim asylum" well that's total BS and stupid. Like any type of immagration u have to file a form. Only difference is the Form I-589 for Asylum guess what shhhhh it's free no fees.
    you know what changed for immagration for my wife under Trump nothing. My wife's son that is in the process of coming here, nothing.
    They r from Philippines.
    other then the money the process coast which has always been the same everything went like clock work and took the same amount of time as they said it would.
    Toy can fill out a free no coast to u form or cross illegally.
    Now I'm not a trump supporter but it seems reasonable that if u cross illegally with children then u would separate them even of they were or were not quote good or bad ppl.
    It sux it may not seem right but the ppl coming here have to have make their case legally.