Trump WON Again, Democrats SLAMMED For Doctoring Evidence, Vandalize Trump Lawyers Home After Losing

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  1. Soooo sick of this BS circus. .im just a mom and a nurse trying to wade thru the shit and be a good citizen who goes to work and takes care of my patients and comes home to my family. I NEVER cared about politics til covid b/c it really didn't effect me personally until my career field was infiltrated by serious BS and healthcare became soooo politicized. It's sickening. Now, I can't look away at the hypocrisy. We are still dealing with covid daily and yet the people running this country just care about "getting trump". Wth?!…. move on and focus on real issues….

  2. I love that International Business Times article that cannot accept she might have meant Calvary. Getting it wrong in the subheading by spelling it "cavalry" like the mounted soldiers and also uncapitalizing it when she capitalized it in her tweet. Then under the actual Tweet she sent saying she "claims she meant 'Calvary' and not 'Cavalry'" like it is incredibly contentious that she might have meant what she said (and again Calvary in this context is a proper noun that she capitalized when it is completely appropriate to capitalize Calvary, the word she both used and said she meant to use and not cavalry) and not what others insist she meant.

  3. why would doctoring evidence in a mock trial by democrats be a surprise? they will Steal an election, they will kill Americans and try to hide the fact, and they will kill Americans abroad and use their appointed federal judges to justify the killing. democrats are corrupt and they will stop at nothing to steal the power needed to hurt Americans and create a dependent majority. For Christ sakes, a democrat President had his own Signature Strike Program!

  4. They didn't win shit, they got what they wanted. They distracted from the election fraud, got everyone to denounce the events and made sure the right never dares to organize and protest again.

  5. No, they said trump incited an erection and they were very upset about that. Perhaps Chuck Schumer and the democrats need to stop watching gay porn while thinking of trump.

  6. Out of the 57 votes, seven Republicans voted guilty, which means that every single Democrat was in full lock step to impeach Trump. Now that is a seriously unified party.
    These 7 traitorous Republicans need to be removed by next election.