Trump’s Account Suspended As Wave Of Censorship Sweeps Across Internet Banning Pro-Trump Voices

Trump’s Account Suspended As Wave Of Censorship Sweeps Across Internet Banning Pro-Trump Voices. Twitch said that Trump’s 2016 speech and recent Tulsa rally violated their rules.

Now over 2,000 different subreddits including The Donald have been banned. The Donald is one of the most prominent if not the most prominent hub for Trump supporters. Strangely, however, they moved off Reddit 4 months ago and yet Reddit still banned them

This means that Reddit is retroactively enforcing rules meaning no one has a chance to actually follow the rules.

Meanwhile mail in voter fraud is a real issue. Even I received a mail in ballot at my house for someone who doesn’t live here.

All the stops are being pulled out to stop Trump.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. 21:30 Aliens be like: "These human fools are whack…they keep shoving these cloth strips in our faces and giving us nasty looks…we outta here."
    (Aliens also be like: "Wtf is a bee el em?")

    22:25 They likely see the writing on the wall and are getting ready if those sites oust them.

  2. Nobody thinks there is a unified cabal. What you describe is exactly what the "conspiracy theorists" believe. No it's not a "conspiracy". What, you think "conspiracy theorists" chose that name for themselves? It's a slur used to discredit inquisitions of corruption. iirc it was popularized by the government to suppress suspicion surrounding the JFK assassination.

  3. The_Donald doxed people. This was often sanctioned by moderators and even coordinated using the subreddit as a platform. They weren't "inactive" they were shadowbanned. Apparently you don't know the difference. (It's okay, I know you stop your research as soon as info that doesn't support your argument pops up). This is explicitly against reddit TOS. Also the recent ban according to a full statement hit over 1000 subreddits also targeting subs that were inactive (which is a reasonable space-saving action). OH NO, YOUR ARGUMENT IS GONE LMAO. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS LOOK AT THE STATEMENT FROM THE FUCKING COMPANY THAT DID THE THING AND YOU'D HAVE FIGURED OUT THE REASON AN "INACTIVE" SUB WAS BANNED LMAO.
    1:23 Oh, glad you could keep this to factual claims instead of vague trash. That took 1 minute 23 seconds…. yay.
    1:55 Yay "someone I know" evidence. Picture? If you're going to advertise as news at least fucking source a source you claim to have and host LMAO.
    2:50 Glad you're not leaving out the fact that reddit didn't just ban right wing communities. That would be dishonest and dipshitty- an obvious move to frame information in a misrepresentative way. GOOD THING YOU DIDN'T DO THAT HUH?
    3:40 "They" "they" "they". 'They're gonna come for me in the night.' Like I said before. Absolutely not conspiratorial fear mongering.
    So apparently it had nothing to do with him linking a "white power" video, his continual use of the site violating twitter's TOS (as admitted by twitter even before election- their excuse was that he could stay on because his rampant bullshit and dumbfuckery were themselves "newsworthy"- literally the word used in their statement), his uploading and linking of speeches the directly insulted races of people (like idk saying Mexicans who come to America were "rapists"). Okay I can do sarcasm…. here goes.
    It OBVIOUSLY wasn't THAT lmao.
    4:50 OOF. "Saying negative things about various groups including immigrants". How fucking slimy. This phrase could be split up (including both) into obvious racist remarks and objective negative information. It literally would include both 'mexicans are rapists' and 'additional foreign workers of a specific education level would negatively impact americas economy in this way…'.
    Yup. The racist one. God this is such a fucking slimy framing. It's technically true but you made sure to make the statement broad enough that it could include reasonable argumentative rhetoric. Damned shameless, shilltart.
    4:58 No, dumbass. An ad that promotes building a wall using vague rhetoric like "securing our southern border" or "increasing our ability to apprehend, process, and monitor border crossings" would be absolutely kosher. Some groups might claim them to be racist policies based on a pattern of behavior (which right wingers for whatever reason appear to have no concept of), a pattern of demographic targeting (IE continually appearing to cater to a demographic that perceives anything that would undermine other races positively), etc. but because the wording previously mentioned (and similar wording) would not be explicitly or immediately implicitly racist, they would easily pass TOS requirement. God you're such a dishonest dipshit.
    5:04 I wish I could post the picard gif here….
    You actually think this disallows him having rallies. Ugh do I have to even point out how having rallies is a different thing than televising and platforming content of rallies? Because the way you said that implied you don't know. Fox will probably air that garbage or at least it's highlights anyways.

    This is turning into work and I'm not getting paid so I'm out. I seriously think this is a record. Usually conspiracy theorists at least have like 1 or 2 statements in between each false one to try to make themselves seem more credible but with you, NOPE. Dumbfuckery on full auto rapid fire.
    My god though, you actually haven't said a single factually correct thing. Absolutely amazing. And there's where I'd link the JBP face -> [ ].
    Good luck, you need it. Seriously though, take a logic class. It's embarrassing.
    Also, try to do even some basic level research on the topics you're trying to mislead people on.
    Any questions? I'll get back to ya if there's the slightest semblance of a competent reply. I'm not expecting one.

  4. Tim, Trump will win the election only if the real (valid) votes are counted. However, since they will be counting the tens of millions of fake votes that have been made out for Biden – Trump will be declared the loser. When that happens the actual civil war will start. Millions will perish.

  5. "Hate" Speech: how can you police or elucidate a feeling? How can you prove or disprove that the person was feeling "hatred" and since when is hatred of an entity considered criminal? The term itself is tantamount to thought policing.

  6. I received the ballot today that had official ballot mail in for someone who doesn't even live here thank you if you need a picture I will send it

  7. You're right you'll get deleted but the most important thing is ate your views way out there? No!!!

    So if you are deleted it would be the Left is Forcing Their Left View Upon You. This type of action is what the Foundational Issue that caused our Founding Fathers to Form The USA!
    DO NO TREAD ON ME !!!!

    Oh YES the Dems are Planning to Steal The Election
    Hence why the Dems Fight Against VOTER ID

  8. You are correct about everyone going after Trump I made it clear and you even mentioned it by any means necessary so what do you really have a group of petulant children they don't being told no?

    What the left fails to see they will be causing their own destruction. YouTube can ban all the people they don't like & YouTube will cease to exist because YouTube made money off of all those people they didn't like.
    I.E. YouTube cuts the voice of all they don't like. Hence, YouTube Cuts Its Own Throat!!!!!

  9. Big oof. Back in the day it was pretty easy to go out to malls and theaters without doing things that got your ass dragged out by security. Naturally on the internet morons think the monitor protects them from consequences. Crazy that basic modern civility is being challenged by people who claim they want America to be great again.

  10. I don't need all the media on the web. If they continue trying to silence the conservative voices these voices will find a new way and take more than half of the viewers with them. Never used twitch and now I never will.

  11. I say we let corporations decide who can way what. Why not? They already own us. I think they turn poor white people against poor black people because they know they have all of us in slavery. We just don't know it yet. We're too stupid to realize what is happening so let's just let it go bad as quickly as possible. That is the only way to expose it. Otherwise, 3 generations from now, this will be the new normal.

  12. I will not use Twitter, Facebook, ok any of them for a fact except to comment on YouTube.
    I'm shocked by this left wing, Marxist, totalitarian wave across America.
    I see a big change comeing.
    Big change always happens with big money, lots of blood, that is historical fact.
    The only successful revolution was the American revolution, the civial war was really just by a hair width won.
    We came so close to loosing in europe against Hitler it was scary.
    The DNC is very close to Becomeing as the wig party.
    The SJWs, socialists, communists and the useful idiots along with the infiltration of all Goverment bureaucrats.
    It really is time for citizens to stand up.

  13. I honestly do not be live any democrat president will last more then 24 hrs.
    This would start a civil war.
    This has been boiling for years since billy boy.
    The polititions know they are walking a razor edge now.
    To many ignorant folk are doing stupid things.
    Sadly the entire country suffers from these few loud, violent, ignorant mobs.
    Big city's have become absolute crap holes, thanks to quota hire, quota appointed, quota elected Of low IQ people.
    What can I say the socialists/communist have been infiltrating every facet of America since 1900s.
    From the bottom to the top.
    News agency's, education, every Goverment and agency of Goverment.
    Imposeing policy over law, removing rights, adding extra special right to groups.

  14. 1 – Why does a political campaign have a Twitch account?
    2 – The next one to do anything approaching this needs to receive a letter from the White House with "Delete our account permanently, purging all data, and do not allow anyone to use that name," signed by the AG, VP, and POTUS.
    3 – State on TV/the web/etc "I have ordered my account purged of all data and the username blocked from being used."
    4 – WHEN they reverse course and say "oh we made a mistake, you're not banned," say "wrong, comply with my previous demands, immediately."

    This will cause people to abandon these sites in droves, killing them, which is what should happen.

  15. these liberals lefties socialist atheist they would become the new NAZI and they would practice it's crime, .
    once they know that it would all be too late because they've become one long time ago.
    none of them go out and speak to defend humanity's history culture freedom

  16. If Biden wins it is going to be very difficult for me to believe that about 175 million Americans believe communism and that it is a good thing…..surely Americans are not that stupid.

  17. They give you extra voting cards because you were liberal…its supposed be  HUSH HUSH don't you know? weren't supposed to tell anyone about it. shhh. wink wink nudge nudge…

  18. The more they silence their opposition the more votes they lose and the stronger our voices will become! They demand mail ballots, Trump remove rallies, block free speech. The American people are aware of what they are doing, that's why so many voters are just walking away.