Trumps Achievements in Contrast with Bidens Failures

Trumps top accomplishments directly contrast Bidens top failures.


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  1. If you can,take a gander at places like Jesse Dollemore, Meidas Touch or David Pakman…..
    It's as if you traverse a wormhole into a parallel existence…..
    The Right is the cult.Obummer,the Clintons,Biden,Newsom and Harris are a Dream Team…..Trump was a dictatorial fascist Commie who wanted to topple the US at any cost.Everyone who voted for him never went to school,married their cousin and have been brainwashed.
    The economy is surging,the border is like snare skin, election victories are mandates for vaccines and compliance….and worst of all…..the msm are portrayed as white Knights in a terrible storm of propaganda and online misinformation and lies…..just trying to bring people the truth ….
    THIS is what Trump warned about.
    THIS is what you're up against.
    Don't fool yourselves.

  2. Trump getting elected is the single most important factor that may have saved us all from the NWO 1984 future that was coming. We might still get there ultimately, but with all the massive protests going on across the world, and the giant red pill everyone is taking right now, we might just barely avoid it. If we start resisting NOW. No more keeping your head down.

  3. Another worth mention was groundwork in brokering of the Abraham Accords, it’s not much , unless you happen to live in that region. Not to mention the governments involved bold steps for its implementation.

  4. lol I remember trump trying to get on good terms with russia and north korea was shamed by the left wing as some sort of simp for our enemies.. almost like they don't really care about global peace they just care about hating the opposition.. ironically biden is simping for china now

  5. But, but, but, Plugz is doing so well. Look at ALL of his accomplishments:

    – Covid positive fence jumpers being sent around the country, somewhere around 30,000 Hatians disappearing this week
    – Children being "educated" that their skin color makes a difference
    – "10% for the Big Guy" and $500K "CrackPipe Masterpieces" (WTAF???!)
    – Billions in damage to cities, and innocent, small business people ruined, all as part of MSM/BLM/Antifa helping to get Plugz into office
    – Inflation over 5% and rising. Gasoline up over a buck in 10 months
    – Totally fumbled the Afganny exit, and the refugee situation afterwards
    – The World laughing at the obviously corrupted election and the corrupt, senile idiot in the Whitehouse
    – His OSHA Constitutional dodge, mandatory jab BS
    What did I forget?
    Oh yeah,
    – His butt's been wiped…
    (are his hands washed??? might be 'nuther one!)

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