Trumps’ Approval Stabilizes Around 41/42: Analysis


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  1. In many ways watching the election is weird… Because Trump is genuinely loved by his fanbase, yet even among Biden's supporters they barely care about him. The election feels more like it is Trump vs. Anyone but Trump.

  2. Styx you should make your own news channel because your the only person that I get to rely on you and you make more sense than any stupid people out there

  3. Cheer up America. Trump will win in November and his next term will be the best ever. Law and order, peace and prosperity will return. In UK, we want Trumps 'great deals' with our country as he discussed with our Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  4. I fully expect President Trump to be re-elected, and that it is likely to be comparable to the 1964 election with the parties reversed. That said, if Trump wins by any margin, I expect the Second Civil War to go hot. The Domestic Enemy hate Trump so much that they would eagerly accept an eternity in hell to mildly annoy him for five seconds. The Burn Loot Murder shenanigans they've been pulling has given them a taste for blood, and dramatically reduced what little fear/respect for law enforcement they may have had. On the other hand, if the 'rats steal the election (which is the only way to win an election with a candidate with mid-stage dementia), I expect the true Americans of the right and center will refuse to accept it, and for the war to heat up. Either way, everybody loses, as this version of war would look a lot more like the Spanish Civil War.

  5. What I always found disturbing about the 2016 election was when Trump clinched enough delegates for the nomination the live vote count board had him ahead of Hillary Clinton by about 3,000,000 votes. But a few days later while they were still 'counting' ballets Hillary had 3,000,000 more votes that Trump.

  6. I really enjoy your perspective on these topics. I’d like to think I’m pretty aware of how things work in politics, but I always want to be as informed as possible, so if anyone reads this could you please share sources or authors or anything really that cut through the bullshit?

  7. Your thoughts on Trump saying that we should wear a mask? Looks like he's backtracking and trying to save face in a way, but it's probably a good political move. He has 3 months to save his campaign, as Biden won't do much himself. Trump just has to stop self sabotaging and get to country moving in the right direction and he'll have a shot at it

  8. Since Residency as a Voting Requirement has been completely compromised, displacing Liberal city dwellers to more affordable rural Conservative counties and states will be a real threat to President Trump's re-election. The Senate needs to pass legislation that keeps these voters where they are now.

  9. The 4 year long tantrum by the Left has done nothing but cause people, who might otherwise be indifferent or opposed to Trump, to see him as their only chance to escape the Orwellian nightmare that awaits a Biden victory.

  10. With the Deep State, Left-wing Plutocrats, Hollywood, Academia & the left in general – opposing him – his present situation is actually not to bad.

  11. You are slightly incorrect. The polls are wrong as ever.
    People lie on polling questions. I'm not saying Donald wins in November.

    I do not think he will win. The democrats will make it so. dead people vote.

    But I also think he loses because he is a huge ego maniac who can't let twitter go.
    He also loses because his jew loving daughter dictates race baiting and social policy questions.
    He also loses because he failed the basic question. He hired deep state pukes.
    He hired neocons for goodness snakes. Never ending wars advocates. Let that sink in.

    So sure, without Trump it is civil war. But it is civil war regardless. Donald, at his best, is a failed state.
    May the side with the most bullets win. I collected ten gallons of water. I'm ready.