Trumps Border Strategy Was Far Less Cruel than Bidens

Biden says come in y’all and then enslaves them:


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  1. Trump had plans when building and rebuilding parts of the border wall as well as improving the facilities that held illegal immigrants that were huge steps up from the previous administration. With Biden in there, things appear to be reverting back to the way things were under Obama.

  2. Biden is housing illegals in hotels at tax payer expense. If I cross the border and sneak back in, can I stay at the Ritz-Carlton? (I prefer a beachfront location with a heated pool)

  3. Dems import a serf class, use the middle class taxes to pay for programs to take care of said serfs and use the serfs as a voting base to gain guaranteed power.
    Take away middle class right to speech, freedom of assembly and gun rights and now you're living in a one party rule.

  4. I love that you stand for protecting children (from exploiters and pedos); interesting that you've been relatively silent on The Experimental Operating System, i.e. The Jab.

  5. We would point at our leader ’Trump’ and say “that’s a dick move” in unison!
    They refuse to see ‘Biden’ as anything but savior.
    We are two nations.

  6. Wtf is wrong with Biden supporters. Imagine lampooning the trump administration for four, no, five years and then turning around and saying that Biden is fine. Can’t wait to see what war Biden starts.

  7. In the debates, Biden specifically said that they should race to the border if he became president, so he caused his own bs AND we knew whether or not he openly said it that he was going to do away with Trump policies and practices that actually seemed to control it for awhile. Whenever anyone brings up that illegals (oh, sorry undocumented migrants…) should be able to be here I ask what other country on earth should allow ME to illegally stay in their country and then make me a citizen?

  8. Yeah right, infants, 5 year olds, 8 year olds are marching hundreds of miles across dangerous Mexico!?!? WTF

    Complete insanity to believe these BS stories.

  9. My parents came to America in 1962 they had to put money into a bank account to pay for their deportation. They had to have a sponsor a job that was needed they follow the rules. America was built on immigration and now anybody can come over if they were sad story that will shed a tear ??

  10. They're like a company that spends all their money on marketing and then has no resources left to make actual products. They invested it all in winning and selling the idea that they are the side of truth and science, while not investing anything in actual truth or science.