Trump’s Clothing, Books, News Articles Taken by FBI!

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses the warrant used by the FBI to raid Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and how news articles, books, clothing, and other unrelated materials were taken from the property. WATCH NOW!



Written by Judicial Watch


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  1. Passports, Gifts, Medical records, tax forms, Melania's closet, Baron's room and now they are trying to say he was going to sell documents to Russia? What a crock! They are covering up for democrats' crimes.

  2. How petty, clothing, books, medical records, passports, newspaper articles, framed pictures , they obviously want get anything they can on him and obstruct him from filing the RICO lawsuit against them !

  3. Again the details of what they took provided via court order were only 1 step above the no detail claimed details (eg box #1) originally provided obviously as an insult. As they leaked even more post new court order to do 0 with them, all they did as an additional insult is "leak more" and likely in their usual "fraud by omission" framework or out and out lies. Seems to me Contempt of court order should be filed against them.

  4. Question I'm not a chest player by that judge who installed the special masters for possible tampering of the document pertaining to a lawsuit filed against the Clinton is that a check mate & mach

  5. Weaponiziong And Hurting A President by the Goverment AGENCIES… And for personal political manipulation is the DARK MARK of Dictators. is a crime . Learn RESIST And VOTE. In God We Trust. Scandal … Humiliating For America. A dangerous signal for the World In chaos. of A goverment immorality … incapacity and low regard for the Constitution.

  6. Time for FBI, DOJ, & IRS to wear body cams. No more of this bullshit that they are above the law, or could never break the law. Full transparency is the only way to trust these departments. This is deep state using the alphabet bureaus to suppress opposition and attack those that don't share their political ideology. We are sending billions of tax dollars to protect Ukraine's border, but allow a death march of fentanyl to come across our southern border.
    Deep state need to be stopped.
    People like JohnBrennan/DickCheney/Clinton's/Bush's/Pelosi/McConnell/Portman/Romney/Obama/Jackson Lee/Feinstein/Kerry. All these political figures that have been entrenched in the countries policy making for so many years. As the country has sunk farther in debt they have accumulated millions for themselves. What the hell does John Kerry need with $250 million he is 78 years old. Why doesn't he pay off the college student loans?

  7. Well Tom , you don't to be a Harvard lawyer to read, and know the constitution, a lot of lawyers and judges , live in a perpetual gray area, they will not acknowledge ,that there is right and wrong, it's just a gray area . which means they are just not honest .

  8. Next thing to communism. Heads need to roll. Is this going to match the Hillary/Comey/Lynch cover-up. Totally unlike America. Communist bound. Manufacturing by the Justice Department. Someone needs to get ahold on what's happening to America. Supreme Court, truly Your non bias, undivided.

  9. Taking clothes, Trumps other personal belongings, so ridiculous. This is pure harassment. Let's call it theft and press charges of belligerency and intimidation and insult. There must something that would get these individuals FIRED. Would probably be throw out of court.

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