Trump’s Comments TRIGGER The Media, LIES About Trump Actions And Military Deployment Over Riots

Trump gave comments at the Rose Garden earlier in the day, and Tim and Adam unpack the optics of the comments. Adam opines on what his stances might mean for the future, and Tim relates what led to the violent riots around the country.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Why you always dress like you ransacked a joint? Nice conversation, bruh. Trump gifted another election, not so sure about the house either. Hopefully stays republican so he can restore the economy.

  2. No offense but the church nonsense? For what ? This isnt a Christian nation! I'm from europe, where we get every single Christian holiday off, paid!!! All you have is Easter and xmas cause they are good for sales. Christian nation, lol gtfo

  3. Adam goofed hard for saying white kids were looting. Apparently he didn't see the videos of the Target that was looted in Minneapolis or the Nike store that was looted in Chicago or any of the luxury stores looted in Midtown Manhattan. It was 99% black kids.

  4. You're the idiot who didn't get the headline nor the complete story. A.G. William Barr ordered the police to disperse the crowed, because Trump told him to. There was over 1 whole hour before the curfew was to start. Peaceful demonstrations are guaranteed in my first amendment. Maybe you don't deserve it, but I do and I cherish it. Anothe thing you moron, the Bishop of the church was outraged by Trump's photo op action as well as Billy Graham, Pat Robertson and loads of preachers on the right who supported Trump all along. You are the bigot and the liar who is only interested to promote hateful garbage, even during these very sensitive times. I have no clue why YouTube's algorithm recommend your trash channel for me to watch?

  5. My favourite left response to the rioting is:
    There are 3 kinds of people in this scenario, those peacefully protesting, those looting, and those who are rioting.
    We support the peaceful protestors! (We can all agree on peaceful protesting against the unlawful use of force by police officers. We don't want a police state.)
    Here is where the slippery slope logical fallacy comes in. Those looting, well, that's because there's systemic racism. Fact. No arguing the logical poison pill slipped in.
    Why would looters not take the opportunity for free stuff that's been "flaunted" in front of them, when they have not had the opportunity to get it. Racism is rife throughout America, and it's keeping people down.
    To add to the big cauldron, let's throw in a recent video on privilige, where there's a whole heap of people on a sports field, and they're asked questions like "You never had to worry about where your next meal comes from, did you go to private school, can you call your parents for money if you need it, have you experienced domestic violence in your family" etc. etc., and each person who answers correctly takes a step forward. Most black people stay back. What is interesting to me, is that these are all cultural family values, not responsibilities of the state.
    Of course, if your parents are paying for your living expenses and tuition fees, you have an advantage than the person who doesn't have this level of help. Is this the states responsibility? Why should I pay for someone elses kids, at the expense of my kids? Especially because it will be framed that "Positive Discrimination" is a good thing. My kids won't get help from the government, and I won't be able to give them help with my money, because it's taxed away to pay for the giveaways. Get companies to pay for it? We are still paying it.

  6. This is the establishment trying to set up trump as a racist in the face of all this tension to ruin his re-election bid. Trump, finger the rich bastards who are killing this world and expose them. That red eyed, pasty faced demon soros is one of them. Mr burns, aka rothschild is another, rockerfeller, Khan, all parasitic devil worshippers who need put down yesterday

  7. It seems as though, we can't trust anything anyone says . Scientists? Are they paid to lie? News?? F -it Everything is a f'n lie ,so turn off the t.v all it does is spew lies . F it all .

  8. If I was a Sci-Fi writer a narrative I could follow would be when Russia didn't work Wuhan didn't work Soros or one of the usuals Puppet Masters send message to one of there faithful followers the officer who killed blatantly in front of everybody and the world to see knowing he was being filmed so under a false flag start giant protest / riot and then The Usual Suspects Democrats & Soros send there not so secretive Army antifa filled with Urban white kids could move in grab their ammo the bricks and commence to tear America down from the inside probably China so they can regain their usual payments from the Democrats. Sometimes you got to put down the phone before the phone puts u down due to stress that drives your heart attack.

  9. Hey Tim, idea, pull us in. Pull in a rando American to present and talk about their ideal in a given scenario. Sure this for more discussion but still we need discourse and understanding, bring it in.

  10. They're using classic IRA tactics. They'll want military to open up on the people as it cements resentment. US supporters of IRA funnelled money to that organisation for years,and still do. The State, particularly a liberal one, cannot deal with domestic terrorism which is uses the ppl as shield, in the way it can overseas. Can't bomb it's own ppl. The death of one man, as we see, can galvanise millions. Guerrillas know this, the riots are a ploy to bring state into open conflict with the people. The underdog, ie the rioters, win the hearts and minds of the ordinary person.

  11. As a Brit who likes to listen to both sides, IMO, you guys are sounding more Trumpian with your “is it possible? I mean, I don’t know, I’m just putting it out there” which will soon become “some people are saying” or “I’ve heard it said” “a lot of people are saying”

  12. We all have seen that Bill Barr ordered it, I don't understand why you feel like you have to lie about it. They easily could have staged the walk for a day when there wasn't a protest. There's nothing to defend here, Trump's current and former defense secretary condemned it man.

  13. Yes it's a class issue it's not about being black or white it's about how much money you have the Communist Democrats and Republicans get them the riot and they burn their own houses down and if people just can't see the ones that telling them burn down their house put them in that position in the first place the rich need slaves and the lower class are the ones and Democrats are making sure they have them and that's white or black

  14. Lydia. Adam. Tim. As active duty, I implore you to look up the difference between the Posse Comitatus Act and the roles of the National Guard/Coast Guard. Please speak to that difference to help quell the narrative.

  15. For anybody watching Tim pool, please get ur head out of ur ass. He only spits a conservative narrative. Protecting trump to his death bed. There’s many videos of protestors just protesting and getting thrown gas by the police. Sounds like a fascist law and order. I’m not here to protect democrats either. They’re in the same boat, by planting bricks around cities to entice rioting.