Trump’s Facebook ban: Who’s the DICTATOR Now?

With news that Twitter is refusing to verify the accounts of politicians following on from Facebook’s continued ban of Donald Trump, is this an indication of how much power social media companies have in moulding the political landscape?
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Produced by Gareth Roy

Written by Russell Brand


  1. politicians came on social media so they could get close to our skin, and right under it. obama did that in 2008. they are a disgrace, breathing all over us with their selfies? like big children lying to our faces, data mining us without our knowledge, and zuck and dorsey lapped it up for the thrill of of it, and the money. total corruption and tyranny. disingenuous freak show. "is this where everyone is on the internets? quick let's go there and shove ourselves in their faces."

  2. That so weird l hardly ever get a notification on Facebook and never see a growth of anything to do with Facebook on my profile. Except for the media l thought Facebook had no standing at all

  3. You r intellectualising as issue that doesn't need to be. Trump committed treason/insurrection against a legitimately elected government. Just a childish wanker, sour grapes.

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  5. I tell you what it shows me
    The illusion of Control has had an upgrade, it's gone from chasing the Shadows on the wall of Plato's Cave to virtual realities.
    Know Thyself….don't give your Obedience to Deviants.
    One Life, One Mind, One Time
    Live It, Love It and most of all Own It.

  6. I must admit, I didn't care for you at all in your prior profession, but this reinvented you is absolutely AMAZING. You had me at the #greatreset. What an amazing transformation. It actually gives me a bit of hope at the change possible when one actually cares and tries. Thanks for all you do in enlightening in all spectrums!!

  7. I've literally just deleted my fb account, constant 30 day bans for the most trivial of things ,social media had become nothing more than a propaganda machine pushing the vaccine and silencing those who question it ,and let's not forget the secret footage of Zuckerberg talking about not knowing the long term risks of the vaccine ,yet he silences ppl who question it on his own platform

  8. Who’s the 12 year old girl being interviewed whilst wearing her mums hat?!!

    Isn’t it past her bedtime?!! ??????

    Does her mum know she’s out?!!

    …..smh in disappointment….???? ?? ???? young lady, go to your room…’re on restriction (that’s grounding for Americans) ?

    I don’t know if I can take this tart seriously ?

  9. By all available evidence, Mr. Brand, you are a gentleman and a scholar.. and about the only balanced voice in the overall "progressive" camp that I've heard in the last 4-5 years.
    Thank you.