Trump’s Home RAIDED For This?!?! They’ve Crossed A Line.


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  1. FBI has some good agents, that said, the ones in higher positions are part of the Obama administration. Every body literally knows these guys are compramised. They don't even hide it. If there is no real evidence, they just lost any little credibility they had. What's worse is the world is seeing this. We look like fools because of a personal vendeta. When TRUMP wins not if he wins, I hope he follows through on his promise on fireing government employees.

  2. IF the dems can't rig the next election then when Trump wins (A 3rd time) the fireworks/water works will be AMAZING to watch! I will be laughing till I cry as I happily drown in Libtard tears! GOD I NEED IT! It's been too long since I got to sip an ice cold glass of Labral Sadness!

  3. 3:00 The DNC/RNC Establishment, working with Corrupt Judges and their Allies in the Media, working together to Fabricate a story.

    "what is Manufacturing Consent for 500 Alex"

    This is proof they are colluding.

  4. When is enough going to be enough. We have the numbers and weapons to take DC down and put the rightful president back in office and we're going to have to do it, nobody else in the government is because their paid off actors who need their necks stretched. We don't need the FBI. They find made up crimes, always against conservatives. If their going after Trump what would they do to us. Use A Federalizeed police force similar to the Nazi SS.

  5. The first Executive Order from the next Republican President needs to be to immediately disband all letter agencies and their powers turned over to individual state police forces and state executive branches (Governors). After that, the former letter agencies and all former employees of said agencies need to be investigated for potential criminal activity conducted and subsequently prosecuted for anything found.

  6. They even translated her garbage into Dutch and start selling it in October this year… what a muppet show! People who will actually buy it will see it is written just to earn money; contains: narrative lies. Not even worth the amount of toilet paper. She factually wants to sell toilet paper!!

  7. Where's the call to action? They've crossed a line? So, why not use your platform to organize a protest? Why no use your platform to mobilize the right to action to demand that this corruption stop? Or are you just to busy pushing your merch? Tired of talking heads acting all offended, but no call to action for protests.

  8. This is one American whose resolve has been strengthened after this needless, idiotic raid. Yes, my resolve has been been hardened in that I will back this man to the ends of this earth in order to gain him justice. This needless prosecution of a citizen of this country should open the eyes of every American to the reality that is this Democratic Party that has buried our American rights guaranteed by our constitution under their desire for power. This is too much! They have become dictatorial , caring only that they gain power over the free people of these United States so that they can stay in power. If they think that the children of older Americans that are serving in the armed forces of this country would attack their parents and families I submit that they are sorely mistaken. That and the perseverance of ordinary citizens to keep our 2nd amendment rights will not allow this republic to fall. We must strengthen our resistance against these power mad lunatics. Other Governors must follow the example of Governor DeSantis and start taking these treasonous actors that do not enforce the will of the people they supposedly represent, out of office. No more! No more I say! No more blatant disregard for our constitution. They must not be allowed to carry out their nefarious plots against this country if we want this government of the people, by the people and for the people to remain in existence for they will surely destroy it and proceed to blot it out of the annals of human history!

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