Trump’s Immigration Trap Worked PERFECTLY On Democrats, They Now OPPOSE Something 79% Of US Wants

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  1. Tim, my guess is that the temporary worker loophole you mentioned is specifically for seasonal agriculture jobs. Such jobs are often unskilled labor with low pay, and hard work. The ag sector would have a hard time getting workers without access to temporary and/or foreign workers. Alabama did a thing a few years ago, and their ag sector was hit hard. People who say thank you Jesus for their food should probably say it like Hey Zeus.

  2. Great analogy. If your name isn't on the lease, you don't get a vote. Couch surfers don't get to decide who's in charge.
    It's funny hearing a non-citizen specify which candidate isn't getting their vote.

  3. We need temporary workers in places with seasonal work. I live in Ocean city and without the temporary workers many restraunts and businesses won't be able to open back up for summer business

  4. the left: banning travel into our countries is racist.
    the left: we need to ban travel harder.
    the left: stopping foreigners from taking our jobs is wrong.

    while this sound contradictory, it is in fact quite consistent.

  5. I was worried at first when he didn’t mention how long the ban would be in his tweet but yeah 60 days is perfectly reasonable especially with pandemic going around.

  6. Excellent job on the explanation of the situation with the dreamers ??????. Hopefully Ericka & other dreamers and understand & appreciate the complexity of the situation and working it out for those that are law abiding, working & contributing to the country. Also Tim you are right to call it out that they can have a right to their opinion but in our elections & laws process etc..they can not participate until they are full citizens of the USA.
    Very good & simply put ???????

  7. We are dependent on a yearly influx of Mexican workers to help with agricultural production. They are largely very hard working seasonal workers who return when the work runs out. I think Trump is wanting to legitimize these people. It serves us; it serves them.