Trump’s Lawyers Absolutely OBLITERATE Dems In Impeachment Hearing After Weak Start

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia invite comedian and prolific podcaster Sam Tripoli to discuss the inspiring way Trump’s lawyers chose to prove their mettle during his second impeachment trial.

Guest: Sam Tripoli @RoninSamTripoli (Twitter), Tin Foil Hat podcast, Union Of The Unwanted podcast, Broken Simulation podcast

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. My own intuition keeps leading me to the idea of a Chinese government takeover. Glad to hear it out loud rather than just feeling like I'm being overly paranoid. Still might be.

  2. Can people talk about how antifa screams and cries about everyone being a fascist but I have never heard them once speak out on China or protest for our government to step in and do something about China's concentration camps

  3. Chinese citizens are becoming more nationalized. There is a guy who started talking about this after he went to make a documentary in China a few years ago and was harassed by a nationalist. You can also see it in how the young people are interacting online. Check out what many Chinese people are doing to Hololive over someone simply showing Taiwan in youtube analytics.

  4. Guys, this is not about them taking from us. It's about "ordo ab chao" or order out of chaos. Either people will become a slave to the system (most already are). Or, they will stand amongst the powers of the earth and take their separate and equal station. Read the declaration of independence. Casting off a government ISN'T about changing or overthrowing the current one. It's about leaving and creating something for yourself. Read the Preamble to the Constitution like a contract. Who were/are "We the People and our Posterity"? You really think those who signed the constitution/compact think the average citizen is special??? They didn't do it for the citizens (subjects – look it up in Black's Law Dictionary). They did it for themselves and their subsequent family members! Read the Law of Nations. There is one way out of the Matrix folks and that is to take responsibility for your lives. To pledge yourselves, your fortunes, and your sacred honor to something bigger. It's all right there in black and white for anyone to read! Citizens don't own the country they are a member of. They are subjects only. This is the counter to freewill. Freewill is very hard! Stop trying to change something you have no right to change. Unless you are a party to the compact (The Posterity), it's not yours to change anyway…

    All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players… -Sir Francis Bacon/William Shakespeare

  5. why isn't anybody talking about how Trump Lawyer has been threatened, his house vandilized and his family threatened……. What….. Trump ordered this hate crime and act of violennce also?

    The inserection goiing on is from the Dems and the News media inciting violence and wanting to treat US Conservitives Citizens like terrorist.

  6. Tim hit the nail on the head. I have a family member that is a police officer. He took the oath but it has been made clear that he follows the orders of his boss not the constitution. If he disobeys he loses his job. That's the perspective of 99% of police officers now. Democrats demonize them but they must bow down to the overlords.

  7. Thank You for finally getting the whole picture. i quit watching you for awhile because you were still stuck in their narrative. If you never know where something came from, you can never understand it enough to protect from it. The founding fathers understood but that was all short lived The Cabal's of those that would put you under force to do their bidding have always existed. Today they are more consolidated and working better with each other. They gain strength as the yearning for rights and freedoms wain away because of their influence on your well being of even survival by access to their essential goods they privatized and monopolized through oligarchies that controlled power. One constant thread about any government. It is the organized few that control the unorganized majority..

  8. Who is placing this politician's in power? Who is sending NYC Sheriff's not Police to these mom and pop shops? The voters. So don't complain when Democrats burn it all. You get what you voted for. Good luck with Biden.

  9. To the idiot who is anti police. We help people more in a week than you do a whole year. Stop committing crimes and you will probably at least understand policing.

  10. I still dont get how they think the Capitol riots and BLM and antifa riot are even close to the same. I rather people destroy government property and kill politicians than my neighbors and destroying your own city. Did yall forget what it means to be a patriot? Tim isnt very smart just good a showing the news

  11. Tim how does it feel that Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gaddes looked you straight in the eye and lied through there teeth on the Joe Rogan podcast. Scale of 1-10 on the rage scale. Those two need to be in prison.

  12. Bill Gates is just pissed off that for all the tea in China doyle Brunson still wouldn't sign his book

    I said it at the time when they were building their wee warproof mansions that we wanted to go down there n fill them with water

  13. interesting isnt it? when his lawyers made moves about the election fraud they seemed to be acting like idiots who were self sabotaging their own cases but now they pulled some brilliant lawyering. makes you think that maybe he didn't want to win the cases about the fraud… maybe because he was told that "you either lose and leave or you win and join Kennedy", so he had his lawyers pretend to fight against the fraud to make it look like a legit loss?

  14. Now that the left owns the entire government, all they have to do is get the "trumpsters" to lash out and they can declare martial law and completely take over.

  15. You can tell your friend he's an idiot … spiritual non-sense …. this is how Q-Anon destroyed the right …. pseudo-intelectual mambo-jumbo …. FFS!

  16. These "woke" celebrity clowns like Johnny Depp and Madonna are woke jokes whining like 3 year old's saying they want to blow up the white house or kill Trump. These celebrities are clowns and need to shut the hell up, they hold zero real world value whatsoever. If that were anyone using direct threats against a democrat they would be arrested. The world needs to wake up to the global control that's happening right now to silence the mass majority to appease the very very small minority of the global elites. The entire world is in this together…what happens in the western world is going to have catastrophic effects on everyone if this doesn't stop.

  17. What warped reality impeachment did you watch ? Trumps attorney got owned! Only thing that saved him was the coward GOP. Regardless Trump went back to his cave after the most embarrassing L of his life after only just 1 term. But I guess you guys will settle for ANY W you can scratch and claw for since winning really isn’t a thing in your cult. See ya in 4 ✌️ and remember no matter how you reply ya still Lost. ?

  18. At this point if I were a waiter at a restaurant I'd want to swear in Kamala and all Dems when they sat down to order food so they don't lie later about how bad the food is and want a refund! The only way they won't lie is when they are under oath!