Trump’s “Vote Twice” Comment Tricked Media Into Accepting Mail in Voting Is BROKEN

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  1. Federal Election mandates that all states must cast their vote for President by December 14 of 2020. All of these machinations being presented by the Dumbocrats are only serving to disenfranchise their own voters. If these states cannot come to a vote, they will lose their vote. I have a feeling that many people will be prosecuted for Federal Election Fraud this year. If Trump is re-elected, we stand a good chance of bringing some of these people to justice, if that is the plan at all.

  2. The Pelosi President theory is wrong. If they can’t tabulate the presidential race, they won’t be able to determine which party is in the majority in the house either. It could just as easily be McCarthy (or whoever) than Pelosi that will be Speaker.

  3. Trump: You can vote by mail and then check to see if it went through, if not, go out and vote.

    Media: Trump tells his supporters to vote twice.

    Trump: Aha, you have activated my trap card!!

  4. I dunno. I don't personally like Trump much. I do think he's the best of a bad choice tho.

    I am, on the other hand, constantly amused by him managing to prove how utterly ridiculous the media are being, and exposing just how rabid the democrats are. He deserves the American people's thanks for getting the media and politicians to expose their true colors, if nothing else.

  5. It’s not the play that I’d like to see Trump make, but if the Dems try and freeze up the election results, is it possible for him to declare Martial Law or something to that effect until it’s all sorted out? Just long enough to keep Pelosi out of there and make sure the votes are accurate? Then peacefully step aside if he loses or calls it off if he wins. Nothing that would be considered “illegal”.

    Again…..I DO NOT want this to happen, but I also don’t want our Stupid Prize to be Nancy Pelosi, because they’re letting this Stupid Game continue!!

  6. Thats exactly what. I told my husband. It WAS a stupid thing to say, BUT if there is anything we have learned from the President is that there is ALWAYS a reason he says something.

  7. I'm gonna tellyou what I'm gonna do, heres what I'm gonna do:

    You guys know about potato chips? You know these potato chips, I love em, they're made by hard working Americans. You can't get this quality in China, people.

    Everybody tells me: "Mr President, you should eat the poteto chip." So thats what I'm going to do. I'm going to take a potato chip, and I'm going to eat it, like nobody's done before.