Trust In Media Hits RECORD LOW, Most People Now Think Journalists Are LYING To Push Ideology

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Written by Timcast

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  1. HEY TIM – Did you say you didn't vote for Trump? Funny, you said on multiple occasions you were going to, so which is it?
    Now lets talk about YOU lying…

  2. A Republican who trusts the media?! Thats almost as rare as a golden horned unicorn who craps diamonds. How is it even possible to be a Republican & trust the media at the same time? ?

  3. we can expect millions of people to lose their jobs in the nest 6 months alone. if biden or harris are still president for the next 4 years we can expect it to be into the tens of millions

  4. Meanwhile Margaret Sullivan is one of the worst TDS-infested uniparty statists currently writing.
    I'll go one further: What Bezos has done to the WaPo, and what Sulzbergers-plus-Carlos-Slim have done to the NYT, is now *irreparable*. They "won" – they went along with the swindle that got rid of Trump – but they will forever be garbage to the public now. As they should be.

  5. You’re not losing subscribers entirely because of your opinion you’re losing subscribers because you’re offering less news you’re producing less

  6. Republicans keep losing and the right keeps losing because I keep playing by the rules. I understand wanting to have the moral high ground but that is a luxury that you cannot afford when the survival of our nation is at stake. Rules only apply between two agreeing parties. If one side is already breaking the rules then there are no rules