Truth Offends the Weak: George Floyd Toxicology Report Angers Morons at Duke University



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  1. What amazes me is why NO ONE blamed Ilhan Omar for having "white supremacist cops" in her district that launched a worldwide false flag & BLM riots.
    It's STILL "all Trump's fault".

  2. Let them do it. The Justice system and court has the truth . Let the verdict be what its gonna be.He was yelling I cant breath before they were trying to get him to lay still.He should of told the police the truth and the ambulances should of gotten there sooner. Lets see if our fine people that were voted in speak after verdict and protect the people and cities. We have enough damage from before. And all it was busting up stores and stealing.

  3. george died while doing really dumb stuff, after having a history of doing really dumb stuff. the star witness is taking the 5th. the woman in the car is not so credible. the state's case run by Kieth " the woman beater" Ellison is not looking to strong. this is what happens when you over charge, rush to judgement, and play the race card. no justice, innocents will be hurt and lose their property when chauvin gets no real punishment. then he is going to sue the city fro distress wrongful termination and win. Liberals ruin everything they touch.

  4. Lets examine the day Floyd died.
    He was high on Fentanyl and meth, driving around using counterfeit money while covid positive. He then proceeded to swallow the rest of his drug stash when the cops pulled up and had enough in him to kill someone 5 times over.
    And this is the guy the left has propped up as a saintly martyr. My god.

  5. People that say that people of color cannot be racists are either:
    — using that moronic excuse to shut down dialog (by the way, do not accept that BS from them).
    — racists, themselves (so they will say anything to offend white people).
    — brainwashed.
    — stupid.

    And it is often a combination of the above.

    Asserting that only white people can be racist is beyond absurd. There are racists in every group.

    Also know that most people, by a vast majority, are not racist. Just as most people do not rape, kill, and riot.
    But when, perhaps, 0.001% of the population commits heinous acts, it is those acts that make headlines. It is the fact that since law breakers are not the norm that they make the news. So do not make that let you believe that that is the norm, or even wide-spread. It is not.

    What you see on TV is not what you see when you spend your day. The TV amplifies the exceptions to society's norms. So remember that they are exceptions, and not representative of real life — not even close.

    We all see that the media ignores news worthy items that would spread good cheer and lift up society, and, instead, cherry-pick stories that inflame the gullible. And there are so few of these stories that the radical left media fabricates stories and outright lies about events, because they are no different than ANTIFA, except that they dress for the studio's cameras. ANTIFA is more than the psychos in the street; they include the seemingly well-mannered fake news anchors that rev up the mobs.


  6. I personally think that Floyd most likely died of an overdose of fentanyl, at least indirectly. But it’s important to acknowledge the role of chemical tolerance, particularly with opioids, because it widens the window of what constitutes a lethal dose considerably. For example, identical twins who take an identical dose of fentanyl might experience radically different outcomes – one lives, one dies, for example – if one of them has built up a tolerance. Ignoring this important factor of pharmacology will make it easier for the left to discredit your conclusions.

  7. Obviously Floyd panicked and swallowed the stash of Fentanyl he just bought from his “friend” who was with him in the car. From the beginning of the encounter with police he was foaming at the mouth and complaining of not being able to breathe. If you watch the complete video it’s so obvious that he was going into overdose. The problem for Chauvin is Democrats are so desperate for white villains and black martyrs that they created an epic but false myth. In my opinion whites should exit the police profession. With 50% of the nation hoping and praying for a chance to hang you in the name of social justice to validate Critical Race Theory, it is time to find other work. Non whites don’t face this liability so as a practical matter they are better positioned to serve as police.

  8. I would vehemently disagree with you, Styx, on the idea of Cops bringing opioids if they encounter someone like George Floyd again.

    As abuse will be the tendency as there will be bad apples, regardless.

  9. It's a trap, ether cops are racist and the court proves it (which is obvious non-sense) or the system is racist, ether way the town burns. Law needs to be about working out if someone broke the law or not, it's suspect vs the state. This is to stop the kangaroo courts that come about from social (anti) justice, where they have a victim, so someone needs to be punished. Social (anti) justice has made criminals drug addicts into victims and hard working law abiding citizens of the working class into criminals.

  10. If Mr. Floyd had been white we wouldn't be talking about this because we wouldn't know about it.. The same thing happened to a white guy I saw the video shown on another website. The malevolent media pick and choose their stories. Karma needs to visit them in her nastiest form.

  11. When I grew up in the 80s, people treated other people the same regardless of race or sexual preferences with exceedingly rare exception. Thirty years later, the snowflake generation resurrected racism and bigotry from the 40s, put it on steroids, and made it their religion.